Luuuu Are You? Lulu? Lulu?

So although we weren’t really looking for a new dog (okay, maybe we were quasi-looking), when a dog named Lulu turned up at the shelter, she kind of caught our attention.

Did I mention that every day is Tongue-Out Tuesday?

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Tucker Tuesday: Which One’s Michael?

“We don’t mind the garlic and olive oil foot poultice because it’s technically food, but my posse and I would like to have a few words with you about the Epsom salt foot baths, the colloidal silver toenail drops, and the tea tree oil powder.”

Repeat Thursday: Happy Thanksgiving (Almost) Every One

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The “Dog-Shaped Hole” Song

So here’s a little ditty that, unlike most of the tunes I serenade (read: torture) the animals with, cannot be sung to the cat. (Well, I guess it could, but it would lose a little something if “dog” were changed to “cat”.)

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Choose Your Chiropractor Carefully


Hello stuffie friends. My name is Spotted Giraffe, and I am here with a public service announcement about choosing a chiropractor to keep your spine in proper working order.

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dawn of the turkee neks

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay i hav herd that at thanksgiving peepul like to eet turkees and i hav also herd that theez turkeez havnt got heds ennymore wel gess wot that meens yes thats rite that meens sinse they dont hav there heds ennymore they dont need neks!!!!

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is mrs sister mary williams a nun or wot???

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog wel becuz the doghowse of justiss has ben destroyd by a dinosawr i find myself in need of funds to rebild it or perhaps to go bak into the joorasik and retreev it before the dinosawr steps on it and also of korse now that i hav the gofer broke bak i hav to put together a new ekspedishun to find the undergrownd kingdum of the gofers unfortchoonatly in this tuff ekonomy it is hard to find ventcher kapitol and so i am wunse agin turning to those finanseers hoo hav so offen ayded ontroponoors such as myself yes of korse i am tawking abowt randum peepul frum afrika and the middel eest wot kontakt me owt of the bloo and want to giv me munny lets see what offers i hav wayting for me rite now!!!

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that wuz a close wun mama!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog wel it has ben a wile sinse i hav gawn thru dadas boks of old pikchers so i thawt i wood do a littel more rummadjing and heer is wot i fownd all i can say is that mama is lucky to be alive today!!!!

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sertifikat of appreesheeayshun

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay luk at this luvly sertifikat wot i got frum my gud frend tony:

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