What Went Into That Dog: The Game Show, Featuring Lulu’s Results!

Producer Smurf: “Welcome back! Is everyone ready to smurf the results? Let’s get started!”
Spicoli: “What results are we looking at again? Did some dude take an exam?”
Mr. Nibbles: “Lulu’s genetic testing breed results, friend Spicoli.”
Spicoli: “Oh right. I remember now. Hey, wait, weren’t we going to make s’mores?”
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We Interrupt the Fictional Story of Chaplin Eating Something and Getting in Trouble with the Actual Story of Chaplin Eating Something and Getting in Trouble

Today’s regularly scheduled blog post will be appearing next week instead as our main character in this particular series, Chaplin, decided to demonstrate how accurate his characterization is by eating something he shouldn’t have and landing at the emergency vet. 🚨🚑 After Chaplin spent most of the day and evening in the vet, the final verdict (via ultrasound) was that there’s no blockage, and so surgery was (narrowly) avoided. But the weekend was definitely shot even more than most weekends are these days …

Tune in next week when the tale of the ice cream cup will continue!

Home Is Where The Yard Is

Bigmouth: “You give Bigmouth tacos when we get back to San Diego, right?”
Producer Smurf: “Spicoli promised to smurf you a hundred bags of Doritos.”
Spicoli (from inside house): “Dude! I did not!”
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Meet the Fosters

Say hello to “Sulu” and “Uhuru”, the foster kittens!  This is “Sulu”, the boy kitten, who can’t wait to get out of the carrier:

And “Uhuru”, the girl kitten, who looks both ways before crossing the street:

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dada wun!!! thank yoo nice reederz!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay thank yoo for voting for my dadas buk!!! tooday he fownd owt that he wun last weeks pitch perfekt award!!! i think that meenz ekstra cookeez for me now luk he eeven sed so in the post wot i just stole frum his blog!!! yoo all saw it!!! now he has to giv me the cookeez it is in riting and evrything!!! ok bye

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vote for dada!!! if yoo want too!!!

add on note frum dennis!!! hay it luks like the paydj duz want yoo to log in with yore wurdpress or faysebuk akkownt and dada just didnt notiss that on akkownt of he like never logs owt of ennything!!! so pleez do not wurry if yoo kannot git to the voting dada stil apreesheyayts the support frum evrybuddy!!! ok bye

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay my dadas fantasee buk shards is up for a prize this week if it gits the most votes!!! now my dada is not jenerally wun for asking peepul to do things for him or eeven for telling peepul he rites buks but sinse i am a dog and like to help my hyoomans i thawt i wood shayr this heer and if enny of my nice reederz ar so inklined yoo kan klik the imadj and go to the voting paydj and vote for his buk becuz that first buk their has pulld ahed of his in the voting!!! i do not think their is enny rejistrayshun or sining up reekwired to vote!!! so heer is dadas post abowt it wot i lifted frum his awthor blog wot no wun reeds!!! thank yoo nice reederz!!! ok bye

Vote for Pedro! Well, or, seeing as Pedro isn’t in the running for a Pitch Perfect Pick this week, you could vote for my book Shards, if you want to … Clicking on the image below will take you to the voting page.


I only voted once for myself, because that’s how I roll, which means I got an actual vote from somebody who isn’t me.  I don’t know who else voted for Shards, but thank you, anonymous person!  And another thank you to anyone else who might have the time and inclination to pay Underground Book Reviews a visit and place a vote for Shards — as far as I can tell, no login or account is required!

Overheard Around The House

dennis_dnc_1Spicoli: “Dude, what have you been watching?”
Dennis: “Some miniseries. It’s been disappointing. I thought it would have more dogs.”

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sayv the blud bank!!! and my kompyooter too!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel i wuz planning to do a post tooday to tel yoo abowt my noo plan for how now that i am maybe probly ten i am going to start pulling my wayt around the howse and in fakt arownd the entire mithikal land of america!!! however dadas kompyooter wot i yooze to do my posts had a hard drive krash and is kurrently having its brayn transplanted frum a time masheen!!! or sumthing like that!!! i am a little fuzzy!!! and also i do not kwite grasp the konsept!!! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha i kil me ennyway i am pritty shoor dada is dooing sumthing with the time-space kontinyooum to git the kompyooter wurking agin!!!


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Greetings, quivering civilians!  This is Saya the Mighty, reporting from points north.  You may have noticed that I’ve been away at summer camp for longer than I originally planned.  I am doing much too well here to leave.  See if I’m not!

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sayv the swimming lessens!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay i am interrupting labor day with a messadj for my frends wot liv in the mithikal land of kalifornya!!! now sum of yoo may reemember wun of my klassik posts abowt swimming lessens i no frankie furter reemembers it wel!!! but heer is a littel ekserpt for frends hoo may not rekall that day i spent in the pool!!!

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Trixie Tuesday: I’m Going Completely Dental I Must Say

hello gentle readers.  this is the beautiful trixie.  i’m afraid i must interrupt the parade of puppy pictorials to let everyone know i am going in for a broken tooth extraction today as well as for an ultrasound to check out my internals.  apparently the doctor who recently stole some of my blood ran some tests on it and is a little concerned about my kidneys or my spleen.  i guess if those aren’t working up to snuff then she cannot sell my blood for as much on the open market.  hmm, perhaps i should sic my new sister on the doctor. drawing blood makes her a vampire, right?

the doctor also says i need to change foods to something with less protein.  i may be willing to give up my evanger’s braised beef canned food but nobody had better try to get me to eat a salad.

i don’t see any evil perpetrators, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t there.

anyway these procedures are all fairly routine but you know we sixteen-year-old girls can be a bit delicate, so i would appreciate whatever tail wags and purrs might be available. meanwhile, evil perpetrators beware! i may be out of commission for the day, but there’s a new deputy in town, and she’s a little bit crazy.


this is the beautiful trixie, signing off for the day. but rest assured i will be back!

evry dog has his day!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay gess wot??? i wuz reesently dog of the day at dogster!!! isnt that eksiting???


wun kan only imadjin the kareer oppertooniteez this onner wil afford me!!!

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