The Information Economy

Swordfish: “Well, here’s my invoice. Payment is due at the time hacking services are rendered.”
Charlee: “What hacking services rendered? You didn’t do anything.”
Swordfish: “Sure I did. I made a house call.”
Charlee: “I didn’t call you, you just showed up.”

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Cutting the Gordian Knot

Chaplin: “What are you doing down here, Charlee? Is that my automatic feeder?”
Swordfish: “I’ll tell you what we’re not doing! We’re not trying to hack this feeding device, no sir!”

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The Hacker’s Toolkit

Charlee: “So, listen, this has been a scintillating discussion, but when are you going to start with the hacking?”
Swordfish: “Right now! Let me just get out my hardware hacking tool kit and I’ll this opening for you in no time.”

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Lulu’s Life Tips: What You’re Looking For Isn’t Always In The Obvious Spot

Hello friendlies! Lulu here, with a new life tip! This time it’s about how to find that special thing you’re looking for. You know, something you really want when you know it’s around here somewhere but you aren’t sure where it is. You know? That thing?

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Charlee: “Who are you, exactly? And how did you know I was looking for a hacker? Did the mouse call you?”
Swordfish: “You can call me ‘Swordfish‘. And no, the mouse didn’t call me. I have my own ways of getting information, on account of I’m a top-notch hacker.”

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Mealtime Hacks

Mr. Nibbles: “Charlee, the purpose of that feeder is so Chaplin can eat small meals throughout the day. If it opened for you, you would eat all the food at once and there would be none for Chaplin.”
Charlee: “See, Mouse? Mr. Nibbles gets it. I’m not sure why you don’t. You’re supposed to be the smart one.”
Mouse: “Oh, I get it. I’m just not going to hack the feeder for you so that you can steal all of Chaplin’s food.”

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The Science of Care and Feeding

Charlee: “Say, Mouse, you’re good at the science, right?”
Mouse: “Am I good at ‘the’ science? Well, that depends. Is there some science in particular that you’re interested in?”

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Lulu’s Playtime Tips, Part 5: Putting It All Together

Hello friendlies! Lulu here with the fifth and final installment of playtime tips featuring my assistant Penny! This is where we put it all together: Seizing the high ground, barking, bowing, sneak attacks, and, of course, the judicious application of taking breaks. So without further ado, let’s go over everything we’ve learned!

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Caturday Matinee: You Shall Not Pass (But *YOU* Shall)

Dada’s Note: We seem to have isolated Chaplin’s digestive condition to something related to the size and frequency of his meals, so we got an automatic feeder for him that reads his microchip and only opens when he puts his head through the sensing apparatus. (The device can also work via a collar tag.) This allows him to go and eat whenever and however much he wants, and as a result he has gained back all the weight he lost while we were trying to figure things out.

Needless to say, Charlee doesn’t quite understand why the automatic feeder won’t open for her …