Cat Fact Fever

Chaplin: “Why are you reading a book of cat facts, Charlee? You’re a cat. I’m a cat. We’re both experts on cat facts.”
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Caturday Matinee: Late for Dinner


Dada’s Note: Thank you all for the Power of the Paw! Yesterday evening and again early this morning, Dennis deposited his first solid, decent-looking “contributions” to the backyard in days. Here’s hoping he has turned the corner on his latest flareup of IBD and can get back to gaining weight and feeling better from his radiation therapy.

Tucker Tuesday: Put Down The Camera And Help Me

* Tucker is feeling better. He is no longer on a systemic antibiotic but instead is getting topical treatments and the infected nail is being kept trimmed very short by regular visits to the dermatologist.

happee noo yeer!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay happy noo yeer!!! i tuk the libertee of dokyoomenting owr noo yeerz eev partee last nite chek it owt!!!

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Who’s Betty And Why Is She Made Of Apricots?

Last week, Alyson over at Laugh in the Sun posted an old recipe for a dessert called Apricot Betty. As our apricot trees were just starting to bear ripe fruit, I thought I would try making it. Alyson was interested in hearing how the recipe turned out, so here’s my report.

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O Cananda!

So the other day I was going to heat up some Uncle Ben’s 90-second rice (AKA “rice for people who don’t plan ahead”) to go with some frozen coconut shrimp from Trader Joe’s (AKA “dinner for people who don’t plan ahead”).

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