Throw Way, Way Back (Pooh Bear & Trouble) Thursday: Mutual Appreciation Society (with Afghan)

Picture probably taken in 1991 or 1992

Dada’s Note: This one is for the folks who noted the afghan in last week’s Caturday Matinee ― as I mentioned in response to a comment, the afghan was likely knitted crocheted by my Nana some untold numbers of years ago. This week’s Throwback Thursday shows Pooh Bear and Trouble engaging in a little grooming session on it when they were both quite young, making the picture in this scan probably close to 30 years old.

Throwback (Trixie) Thursday: The Beautiful Trixie

Picture taken July 2002

Dada’s note: We recently learned that Dennis’s old friend Jo (of Stella’s World) passed away last March. She is the one who first started referring to Trixie as “The Beautiful Trixie” and so this Throwback Thursday is dedicated to the memory of Jo and her dog Stella.