Java Bean

Java Bean (formerly “Sol”) came to us from the San Diego Humane Society on April 23, 2020.

An eight-month-old mix of friendly stranger and, maybe, vizsla, he was picked up along with other members of his pack from the streets of Mexico by a private rescue organization called Segunda Chansa and transferred to the Oceanside Campus, where all of his buddies were adopted. Java Bean, however, was a little shyer than the others, and failed to attract the attention of potential adopters. That changed when his soon-to-be-new-human-Mama noticed him at the shelter while dropping off a donation of cat food. Being about Tucker-sized and having a vizsla coat coloration, especially with the “ticking” in his fur and the saddles at his shoulders, he received closer inspection, followed the next day by a visit from future sister Lulu to see how they would get along, after which Java Bean found himself in the car for a ride to his new abode.

Java Bean settled in well at his new house, although he was definitely missing the other dogs from his street pack. For the first several days he spent most of his time in a gated area of the master bedroom, where he seemed to decide that the dog in the mirror was one of his friends. When unsure of something, he would often glance in the mirror to see what the mirror dog thought. Since the mirror dog was thinking the same thing Java Bean was thinking, this usually worked out all right for him. (Other things he has decided may be some of his friends from the street pack include a life-sized Jack Russell terrier doll used for training and a small vizsla statue.)

Of course, Java Bean has a new friend in Lulu, who may not be from his street pack, but who has the advantage of being a real dog.

Stick with me, kid, and you’ll be all right.

With Lulu around to show him the ropes, we’re sure our new little Bean won’t go far wrong. Even if he does keep trying to steal our coffee.