Oona is a smol (well, she used to be smol, anyway) black tabby kitten we met at an Easter brunch at my aunt’s house. She had been rescued by one of my cousins, who participates in cat rescue; Oona and another kitten, this one orange, had been dropped off at a house by a tomcat who has apparently done this sort of thing before. (It seems that even among the feline population, the word is out that if you want a kitten rescued, you should arrange to get it to my cousin.)

Oona spent most of the brunch sleeping on my wife’s lap:

Oona at brunch

And when my other cousin, who had become smitten with the orange kitten, decided to take that one home, well, we couldn’t let little Oona go back all by herself, could we? No, we could not.

Car rides are very tiring when you are smol.

In theory, we were just fostering Oona. In theory. Not unlike how, in theory, we were just fostering Trixie, Dennis, and the Hipster Kitties.

Fast-forward a few weeks and we’ve got pet insurance on Oona and everything. So it seems unlikely she’s going anywhere. Try not to be too shocked.

I can see my house from here!

Oona is a very sweet kitten, but she’s also got a very strong personality. You do not mess with the Oona. We say she’s 75% sweetheart and 25% fireball, with the percentages subject to change based on how sleepy she is, how hungry she is, or if she has to use the potty.

100% Adorable

Welcome to the Oceanside Animals, Oona! You’re likely to be here for a while!