urjent response

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog well wile i am wayting for the african bankers to send me my munny mor offurs continyoo to roll in wurd must hav gotten owt amung the african banking set that i am a gud dog to giv munny too thats rite evrywun yore illisit cash and top secret skeemz are sayf wth me!!!!

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The Kitty Song

So just in case you think we’re discriminating against the cat by not singing to her (or perhaps that we’re discriminating against the dogs by singing to them), let me alleviate your concern by presenting The Kitty Song.  This is to the tune of “Oh, Pretty Woman” by Roy Orbison.  It can, of course, be applied (with minor modification) to any two-syllable pet, but around here, it’s usually used to serenade Trouble the cat as she hides in her box like a hermit.

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sumtimes a cardbord toob is just a cardbord toob

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog i hav ben going thru more old pikchers and i fownd this wun of my brother tucker wen he wuz only a fyoo munths old:

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The Videos Are Working

If you had read the post about our visit to Coronado and found that the videos weren’t playing, they seem to be okay now.  Drop back in and take a peek!

I covered the issue in the comments on the other post so I won’t rehash it here, except to note that it was some sort of problem with Amazon S3.

vizslas vs the oshun

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog wel yesterday wuz verry eksiting mama and dada tuk us to a dog beech on the mithical iland kingdum of coronado wich is naymd after the famus awtomobeels mayd by desoto and krysler

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wheres bodi????

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay i hav herd frum sum of my frends that their is a vizsla missing in the fort lawderdale area of the mithical land of florida (also nown as xanth) ware they hav got a fowntin of yooth and dinosawrs and moskitos that can karry off an entire cow

akording to that weerd blotchy map on the left i hav a big red dot over florida so i thawt i wood put this up in case ennywun their mite hav seen bodi arownd i no wot it is like to be lost and its not as much of an advencher as yoo mite think so pleez help get him home ennyway bodi has a slide show here ok bye
Brien and Linda need help finding their 6 month old vizsla pup Bodi. Bodi has been missing since June 28, 2008 at 7:30 pm and was last seen in Fort Lauderdale at AIA and Oakland Park Blvd. He is an intact male 6 month old puppy wearing a Green Collar, name tag and red rabies tag. His left eye is slightly darker and he has a small white patch on his chest.

yet anuther postkard!!!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog wow i got anuther postkard today frum my gud frend mercedes she must reely like me!!!!!! ok so it wuz addressd to mama and dada but still i no it wuz reely for me ha ha ok heer it is:

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hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay a kuple of nice reederz hav askd how dada edits pikchers now of korse all the pikchers on my diry are undoktord and ar akyoorit reflekshuns of the reel wurld however wen dada duz edit a pikcher he yoozes a program calld the person hoo wawks with a limp wich is kind of a clunky naym for a program but — wot??? oh dada sez its just calld the gimp well that is a much shorter naym ennyway dada sez it duz a hole bunch of stuf that he duznt reely understand and a littel bit of stuf that he duz ok bye

tag troubles it

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog my gud frend amanda (the zoes mom wun not the noo york wun) tagd me (but not in a graffiti way) to anser sum kweschuns starting with wot i wuz doing ten yeerz ago sinse i wuz not born ten yeerz ago i kondukted an informul pole of my fello pets and the only wun hoo wuz arownd ten yeerz ago wuz trouble the kitty and beleev it or not she agreed to answer theez kweschuns so heer goze

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a skolarly treetis on wot can and cant klime treez

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog it seemz there haz ben sum reesent confyoozhun abowt wot can and cant clime treez and so i hav prepard this skolarly treetis to kleer this matter up wunse and for all ok heer goze

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feed the homeless lady

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay the other day mama tuk tucker and me to the park to wawk arownd and stuf and then sum men came and startd fert … fertal … well they startd spredding powder arownd so mama tuk me and tucker to sit under a tree for a wile then sum peepul came and set up a piknik neerby they wer sum littel samoan girls with there grammy and grampy hoo kept luking at us finaly they came over and askd mama if she wanted sumthing to eet and withowt evn checking with tucker or me she sed no she wuz fine!!!!!  can yoo imajin?!?!?  so then the littel girls went away but then they came bak with a littel soda and a can of pringuls potayto chips and sed to mama “theez ar for yoo” so mama tuk them and still me and tucker didnt get ennything it is more diskriminashun i tell yoo!!!!

well ennyway wen mama told dada abowt the piknik and the littel girls and the free fud dada sed “maybe they thawt yoo wer homeless wot wer yoo waring?”  mama sed in a lowd voise “i wuz waring nice clothes i didn’t luk like a homeless persun!!!!”  she sez maybe it is in the samoan kultcher to share fud with peepul but dada stil sez they thawt she wuz homeless even if she wuz waring cloths withowt holez in them for wunse most the holez in mamas cloths are my fault but luk they got mama a can of pringuls so it all evens owt in the end ha ha ok bye

anuther postkard!!!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay luk i got another postkard frum my gud frend mercedes rules and unlike the last wun this wun is addressd to me insted of those other pets wot liv heer and tayk away valyoobl time that mama and dada cud utherwize spend cuddling me!!!!

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a postkard!!!!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay luk i got mor mayl this is a postkard frum my gud frend mercedes rules!!!!

in her note on the bak of the postkard mercedes askd me wot i thawt this critter mite be i hav dun sum reeserch and come to the folowing konkluzhun:  this is a feral teddy ruxpin


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