my siens projekt

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay as yoo may hav herd my pig powder bizness is a hyooj suksess i have made billyuns and billyuns of dollers from it just look heer

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Vizsla Fest 08: The Aftermath

They say a tired dog is a good dog. Meet three good dogs (and one human who is pretty okay, too).

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vizsla fest 08

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog today we went to fiesta iland in the mithical sitty of sandy eggo for a vizsla meetup (trixie came too even tho she is not a vizsla thats so us vizslas cud hav sumbuddy to luk down on) we had a lot of fun ther wer at leest ten other vizsla dogs their besides me and my brudder tucker the other vizsla dog sum wer small sum wer larj sum wer puppees and sum wer old men (*koff* tucker *koff*) ther wer a kuple of boy vizslas ther that havnt been to the vetnamese place for noodels yet and trixie was reel flirty with them i had no ideea my sister wuz such a trollop

i thawt i wood be able to run sirkles arownd tucker since he is so old and feebul and i hav so much enerjy now but insted he is still faster and mor manoovrable then me i gess he wuz having a gud day i think mama is giving him illisit performans enhansing drugz he duznt hav the endoorans ennymore but he still has the mooves i will hav to go to mor ajility classes and sumday i will be abel to beet him until then at leest i can always stay ahed of trixie ha ha ok bye

skunkalishus too

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay gess wot the skunk came arownd agin last nite yoo may remember that the last time the skunk stopd by my sister trixie the chow-shepherd hoggd all the nice skunk spray for herself well she did it agin she and tucker charjd owt in the middel of the nite barking tucker didnt get enny of the yummy skunk joos tho just trixie its not fare that she gets to have all the fun but then agin mama was pretty mad at trixie and tucker for running owtside like that

becuz it was too late to give trixie a bath she had to stay owt the hole nite mama sed if trixie wants to play with the skunk then she can sleep with the skunk so maybe im glad i stayd in the nice warm bed the skunk smels nice but id rather cuddel mama and dada than the skunk

today mama got home erly and gave trixie a bath with her speshul skunk remover and then washed her with baby powdur shampoo and then she rubbed trixie all over with branches from the rosemerry bush so now trixie smels like a skunk that rolld arownd in talkum powder and then got into the spice cabinet oh wel at leest she got to come back in the howse and i bet mama will lok her in after dark this time ha ha ok bye

Dog Thoughts Revealed

What “Dog Blog” Dogs Think When They See Their Owners At The Computer

im an ontropronoor

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay i herd that the guvnor is giving evrybuddy a taks refund so i wanted to say too things furst i want to say “thanks guvnor” and second i want to let evrywun no what i am going to do with my taks refund i am going to start my own small bizness selling pig powder

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What’s In A (Nick) Name?

So the other day while I was talking with the vet about Trouble, I referred to her (the cat, not the vet) as “Trudy”. Momentarily confused, the vet said, “Oh … I thought her name was Trouble?” I told the vet that “Trudy” was one of Trouble’s nicknames, and we went on with our conversation. That got me thinking, though, about just how many nicknames our animals have, and whether or not other people’s pets have nicknames too.

Anyway, just to prevent any future confusion, here are all of the various names by which we might refer to our various pets, along with etymology (if both non-obvious and available) and use-case scenarios.

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pssst …

Character Sheets

As some of you may know, Gary Gygax, the co-creator of Dungeons & Dragons, died last month. It will probably not surprise anyone to learn that I was a big D&D geek back in the day. Anyway, I recently came across some “celebrity character sheets” that had been created as a tribute to Gary Gygax; unfortunately I found them kind of sucky. To rectify this situation, I thought I would create some sheets for the denizens of Dennis’s Diary of Destruction, in honor of the man responsible for my spending so many sunny Saturdays in the basement killing kobolds and whatnot. Gary, these are for you!

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e for ekselent

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog i wood like to thank my frend behr rake for giving me this nice letter e it was luted from michael dells home at grate risk and ekspense to the teem of ninja hedjhogs involved they sufferd hevy losses eskaping with it from the mithical land of rownd rok texas and that is why the letter e for ekselens is so valyood by thoze who reseev it

the roolz for this letter e are that yoo must link bak to the nice reeder hoo gave it to yoo (dun) and yoo must giv it to ten more nice blogs that yoo reed otherwise the ninja hedjhogs may come in the nite and shred all the furnitcher in yore howse with there littel sords unforchunatly i am not shoor i no ten peepel hoo dont hav this letter e alreddy i will hav to luk and see hoo i can giv it to i no a kuple off the top of my hed so heer goze i will come bak and add more i am not shoor if evrywun likes to reseev and pass along the letter e so if not thats fine i still like your blogs ennyway ok bye

i wood like to give one letter e for ekselent to loki hoo barks a lot and hooze mama is deeling with him by herself wile his dada is on dep … depl … is oversees in the land of irak hope he comes bak soon ok

i wood like to give another letter e for ekselent to gina and tuffy tuffy is running for prezdent maybe ther mite be a pozishun for me in a tuffy administrashun im thinking secretery of meat

i wood also like to give a letter e for eskelent to amanda hoo takes reely neet pikchers of stuff and has a vizsla dog named zoe wich is the same name as tuckers vizsla mama altho its not the same dog or so im told

and lets not forget rio rocket hoo is also a vizsla dog in the mithical snowbound land of michigan hope spring comes soon rocket

goodbear is a good good bear hoo reminds me verry much of my sister trixie except for beeing a diffrent color and of korse a boy dog

and there is the wurlds cutest corgi checkers hay ther is a board game called checkers too i wunder if checkers the corgi nos how to play it

then theres buster b brown the sientific vizsla hooze dikshun is ekselent and hooze name is exponenshal

and the red girls in the mithical land of scotland they are across sumthing calld the pond i dont no what that meens ive seen the pond at the park and theres no red girls on the other side of it

there is swissy mouse hoo reskews dogs that are in even wurse shape than i wuz well dun swissy mouse most ekselent

and finally there is the urban mutt hoo i dont think is a mutt at all he shoor looks like a vizsla he livs in the mithical land of noo york wich is ware mama and dada clame to be from altho i notis they continyoo to liv heer in californya

hay luk thats ten i gess i no more peepel than i thawt ok bye

Greatest Hits

So Dennis and Trixie had a good chase around the back yard yesterday, with Tucker getting into the act a little. NOTE: Make sure you have the sound turned up for this one. There’s a big thud partway through that you have to hear to appreciate.

Whoa!!!! What happened there at 10 seconds? Let’s go to Johnny in the instant replay booth for the lowdown!

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their gawn

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog well today grammy grampy and auntie left to go bak to the mithical land of noo york it terns owt they wer all prety nice even tho they did put me in my krate a fyoo times they also playd fetch with me and made yummy food in the kitchin it seems yoo can mayk food from ingreedyents insted of from a boks from the freezr hoo new? ennyway they sed they will be bak nekst yeer so i gess i will be seeing them agin i think thatll be gud ok bye

my siks wurd memwar by dennis the vizsla dog

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog as yoo may no 4urpets tagd me to put up my siks wurd memwar i havnt ben heer in this howse with mama and dada all that long and i try not to think too much abowt whut happend to me befor i came heer but ennyway theeze are sum things to describe me ok bye

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