Throwback (Dennis) Thursday: Tomato Patch Pasha


Picture taken May 21, 2018

Throwback (Dennis) Thursday: Furrito

IMG_4046_20171204113842_2017120565950_1200Picture taken December 4, 2017

Luuuu Are You? Lulu? Lulu?

So although we weren’t really looking for a new dog (okay, maybe we were quasi-looking), when a dog named Lulu turned up at the shelter, she kind of caught our attention.

Did I mention that every day is Tongue-Out Tuesday?

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Throwback (Dennis) Thursday: Fleeced


Picture taken December 21, 2007

Home Is Where The Yard Is

Bigmouth: “You give Bigmouth tacos when we get back to San Diego, right?”
Producer Smurf: “Spicoli promised to smurf you a hundred bags of Doritos.”
Spicoli (from inside house): “Dude! I did not!”
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