Throwback (Dennis, Tucker, & Trixie) Thursday: Greatest Hits

This post originally appeared on April 4, 2008.

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Battery Ratcraft


Brutus: “Behold, the underground hall of batteries!”
Lulu: “It’s very nice. I like the cool floor. If I roll over on it, will I get a belly rub?”
Brutus: “Probably not, no.”

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Throwback (Tucker) Thursday: The Vizsl-A-Matic 9000

Video taken March 2008


Pup In An Elevator


Mouse: “What are you doing in there, Lulu?”
Lulu: “I heard some funny noises from the ivy so I cam to check it out and I found this sign and an elevator.”

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Throwback (Dennis) Thursday: Pink And Purple Pillow Paws


Picture taken December 28, 2013

Lu The Guajome Regional Park!

Hello friendlies! Lulu here! This week we had something called “Independence Day”, which is a day when Mama and Dada don’t work and the television gets played really loud in the evening while treats rain from the sky for no apparent reason. But before the television and the treats, there was a little road trip to a park that the other dogs who used to live here used to go to!


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