Timey Why-Me?

The Doctor: “So here’s the thing. I’m sure you’re all familiar with the story of the Whos in Whoville and how the Grinch stole Christmas.”
Everyone except Producer Smurf: “Yes.”
Producer Smurf: “Whos are poseurs.”

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Throwback (Dennis) Thursday: Sun Worshiper


Picture taken February 8, 2018

Hipsters Hear A Who

Spicoli: “Dude, who’s your passenger?”
Sky Turtle: “Yes, that’s correct. Who is my passenger. Cindy Lou Who, to be more specific.”

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Throwback (Dennis) Thursday: Turn Your Face To The Sun


Pictura taken January 21, 2018

Only A Day More Than Two


Everyone: “Happy birthday to you / You are no more than two / Just like Cindy Lou Who / Happy birthday dear Hipsters / Happy birthday to you!”

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Two Years Old Today

Two years ago today, a couple of tiny little kitties were born.

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Throw Way, Way Back (Trouble) Thursday: I Can Sleep Anywhere


Picture taken some time in the 1990s



Mr. Nibbles: “Why did you roll the football into your Dada’s office? This is the smallest room in the house.”
Charlee: “This ball is defective. I brought it in here to fix it.”

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