Angel Dennis

Dennis was found wandering in a canyon with his two brothers and sister. At the time, he had a bad case of mange (60-70% hair loss) and was seriously underweight. He was afraid of everything in the house and would run outside to hide whenever there was the slightest noise. Since we adopted him in November, he has put on 15 pounds or so, regrown a lot of fur (not all of it), and turned into a house dog, as vizslas are meant to be.

This page was called “Dennis’s Diary of Destruction” because at first it was a catalog of all the things in the house that he had shredded, chewed, or otherwise obliterated, once he had the energy to be a dog again. Since we got a new crate for him, he hasn’t been destroying much, but the name is too catchy to abandon.

Dennis: October 14, 2007 — Skinny, Mangy, and Scared



Dennis: February 23, 2008 — Sleek and Happy … Still A Little Mangy Though



Dennis was once recognized as the fastest vizsla in the UFLI flyball league, and as a breed ambassador to boot!


My wife put together a little Keynote slideshow of Dennis’s progress over the last few years.

After battling inflammatory bowel disease for about eighteen months and a pelvic osteosarcoma for nearly eleven months, Dennis peacefully crossed the Rainbow Bridge to rejoin the rest of his beloved pack on October 31st, 2018, without pain or fear, while eating delicious snacks of forbidden foods such as steak, cheese, and butter-baked chicken.

Thank you to Petcretary Ingrid of Meezer’s Mews & Terrieristical Woofs
for creating this memorial image of Dennis the Vizsla Dog


70 thoughts on “Angel Dennis

  1. Hi Dennis!

    I came across your website through my across-the-pond friends the Red Girls. I am very glad that you found such a wonderful home. I’m hoping that Tucker gets better soon! I’ll check back with you often to see how you’re faring.

    Brisztow Jones

    Dennis says: hi brisztow thanx for stoping by it is pretty gud heer with mama and dada hay i see yoo liv in noo york mama and dada yoosd to liv upstate tucker tels me when he was a pup he yoosed to run like crazy thru the wuds and open feelds yoosually he tells me this wile im lokd in the krate so i think hes just teesing me ennyway i will be shoor to come visit yoo soon ok bye

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  2. Dere Dennis Dis is Robbie who nose Tucker an Trixie. I use to liv in San Deegggo but momma moved me an da cats to Tennisseeeee. An got me a sister name Tia. She iz a pest.
    Hejhogs iz good I hav ate some. Tia likes sum furry thing momma calz a mole. They live in my paztur an make tunnelz.
    Giv Tucker Trixie an Trouble a sniff 4 me. U are in gud home an have gud humans.
    ur frend Robbie

    Dennis says: hello robbie nice to meet yoo trixie and tucker sed yoo and yore mom ar verry nice and the furst peeple mama and dada new in sandy eggo they ar happy to heer yoo ar having a gud time in ten .. tennis … in that othr place yoo ar living now i gess yoo ar far away from feeesta iland now but hoo nos maybe we will see you there sumtime ok bye

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  3. Aw, he’s turned into a pretty boy. My vizsla was always half-starved when I got him (had been found roaming in rural Utah), though not mangy fortunately. Now the hard part is keeping him from turning into a tub, as he’d eat all day and night if I let him. Is Dennis a big eater too after suffering those starving days?

    Jim says: Actually no; he’s a very tentative eater (tail tucked and always appears to be ready to bolt). We suspect he was low dog in the pack and was frequently bullied away from his food. He’s slowly getting better about it but we often have to encourage him to finish.


  4. Hewwo Dennis. Do you no wat. It r b funnee. My yoomun’s naym r b Dennis. I r b a vizsla. Wit tree legs. How menny legs r u got? Sum yoomunz feel sorry fur me, but lyf r b guuuud. Me lyks to run fas fas wit da puppeez in da doggee park plays. Do yoo no wat, me got a noo kuzzin kold Jayk. He r b a vizsla too. OK by frum yer red frend in Canada. Barat


  5. Hi Dennis, my name is Lacy. I m in Ideeho. i m Barat’s syster,but I hav 4 legs. My hooman mama heps with Vizsla Rezcu -so i nos that you are very speshal. I am glad that u gots a mama and poppy that luvs you and wants you saf and that you are home 4ever. play lots, u r friend Lacy


  6. Hey Dennis! We has just found your blog! Its super cool! We are English Pointers, so a bit similar to you, but a bit different too!
    Come check out our blog if you ever get time, you seem like a super busy guy!
    Love Scott xx


  7. Hi Dennis
    We are having trouble with out internet today and came across this page in your blog we had not seen before.
    I came to live with my family in December and even someone turning the kettle on had me running and hiding in the garden.
    I have found it very difficult to get used to living in a house – I was in kennels for six months but it may be that I was always kept outside before.
    I am still very scared and happiest outside – any tips for coping welcome!


  8. Dennis- Awesome to know that you have a wonderful person to share things with… you rescues are pretty cool, even if you create a little chaos now and then! (you can ask one of mine, 2 English Pointers, and 1 vizsla) or you could ask one of the several dogs I have helped save in the last 4 years… none in California yet, but maybe someday! Keep up the great work on being a beautiful rescue vizsla… we need more folks to help adopt and let the world know how great you all can be!! Leanne, Iowa Vizsla Rescue


  9. Did you ever figure out what Dennis’s twitches were caused from? I have a 9 year old Vizsla doing the same thing.
    We’ve had the MRI and full blood work up including Thyroid and all looks ok.


    1. Dennis’s Mama says:

      Sorry to hear about your vizsla. Nine years old is when Tuck started his symptoms too. Tuck’s twitches started around the same time as his hypothyroid. We still don’t know what is causing the twitches/spasms, but personally, I think it’s somehow still related to thyroid, even though he’s on thyroid replacement hormone. I don’t think his body utilizes the synthetic hormone as well as the natural hormone his thyroid would make if it were working. His bloodwork shows his thyroid to be in the normal range now, so that’s just my theory.

      Does your v have any symptoms other than the twitches? Is he/she tired, or acting unusual in any other way? Have you done a complete thyroid panel, not just the T4 test? The complete panel measures 5 different things, and is more accurate, but a lot of vets don’t use it yet. Dr. Jean Dodds is a pioneer in the study of the thyroid. We send Tuck’s bloodwork to her.

      Tuck sees a chiropractor regularly, and this helps make him more comfortable, as the frequent twitches and spasms have a tendency to pull his spine out of alignment. His twitches often lessen the day after a chiropractic adjustment. Even though you may not know the cause of your v’s twitches, chiropractic might make him or her feel better in the meanwhile. We’ve also added acupuncture to Tuck’s regimen.

      We also give Tuck two 500 mg taurine capsules each day. This is something that sometimes helps epileptic dogs, and since twitches are neurological in nature as is epilepsy, I decided to try the taurine. I learned about taurine on the epi guardian angels site.

      I do feel that the taurine helps lessen the severity of the twitches and helps improve his mood. In addition, Tuck seems to do best when he gets his daily dose of Maxiderm EFA supplement (a blend of fatty acids and a few other things). The fatty acids help promote neurological health.


  10. Hi Dennis,

    Thank you for visiting my family. I love your blog. Very complex indeed. I’m sure you’ve spent lot of time doing it.
    Vizsla is a very common breed here, in Romania, since it was “made” by our Hungarian neighbors. I always said that Vizsla dogs are big dachshunds. They look very much alike, except their measure.
    I got very sad while reading your story. You are very fortunate that this good people found you.
    Love to hear more about you and your chow-adventures.


  11. Dennis, you look like you are recovering very well. Good for you and kudos to your new family, they did a great job.
    All the best.


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  13. Hi there, tell the powers to be that fish oil capsules poked with a pin and squeezed on dog food cures manage (along with head and shoulders baths). Works great and you’re adorable.


  14. wow! he’s come a long way. Handsome! congratulations to you. (albeit late)…but i just met you.

    i like him. i like him a lot. Juno and he would get along destructively happily! Juno never did out grow her destructive ways!

    wild dingo


  15. Hello Dennis. I am Cody from Canada.I too developed an ugly skin condition even though I have a good home. The dermatologist told my parents [After some pricey testing] that it was sebaceous adinitis a rare skin disease which in this particular form is found only in vizslas. Poodles and Akitas can get it too but it manifests differently. Anyway, your pictures look a lot like my skin right now although it seems to be getting better. I was wondering how long it took to get better and what your parents did to help you. I am tired of being the ugly one. My brother Jack is beautiful and he looks just like you. I sure would like to correspond with you, I’m feeling all alone in this. Cody and gwen[my typist]


  16. Hi Dennis,
    sorry I only read your story today for the first time.
    You really were happy to meet your humans / they are really nice, it is a very nice gesture to put up doggies in need.
    And you are really good with flyball! compliments!
    Ciao Lucille


  17. Hi! My name is Abby! Me and my mommy happened to stray across your website and blog and thought it was very nice! I was rescued to! My mommy found me when I was five, I was going around on only three legs and I was VERY thin but I didn’t have mange I did have fleas though and my Mommy took me in! Yay!I now have a sister named Annie, some cat friends named Storm, Sweetie Pie, and Lily, and all the woods and nature and freedom a dog could ever want.

    Abby & Katie


  18. What a fun blog!

    You said “geez” when you read my Holiday advice post. I’m sorry, I usually try to be inspirational with my medical success stories, but this time I think I scared the collar off of Dennis (actually, I’m guessing your human wrote on my site because Vizslas don’t have pointer fingers. Although, you could be sending psychic messages to your human and controlling his actions with your mind. That’s a purely medical opinion, BTW.)

    Yours, hand-in-paw,
    Doc Truli


  19. Glad to find your blog. We too have a wayward Vizsla – she was running loose in upstate NY for several years before they caught her last March. She is still a work in progress, but is getting better every day. Its really nice to see how far Dennis has come. 🙂 Nice to meet you!


  20. Hi,

    Came across your blog today and I’m thrilled about it. I love Vizlas, with the exception the fact that I can’t spell that darn word. There are actually quite a few Vizlas in Hawaii, they love the beach and run around like they are possessed. Looking forward to reading more.

    With Warm Aloha,


  21. Awww, Dennis, great story and I’m so happy you found the family you did!

    Thanks for visiting our blog and commenting. Stop by any time. (I always get a smile when reading your comments on some of our mutual friends’ blogs) . 🙂

    Lindy and Mike


  22. Dennis, it is nice to know your back story. I guess we all have one; some are just easier to read (Mom got all teary) than others. 🙂 The most impawtant thing is that we are all well-loved now.


  23. Hi Dennis you lucky dog! You so handsome, man, if I were a doggie girl, I’d fall in love head over heels and tail too! Got saved in the nick of time – so happy for you!
    Speaking for little Pyshka, Uncle Barmalei and Auntie Beba: purrs and meows!


  24. What a wonderful slideshow of Dennis to remember him by. WE are still very sad here at THE Purrfect Pad over the passing of Dennis. We miss him a lot. Thank you for sharing Dennis & his amazing journey with all of us.
    Much love, Sherri-Ellen & **purrsss** BellaDharma
    OK BYE! 😉


  25. Dear Dennis and Family,
    Dennis, you were so loved! I always enjoyed your many adventures. I know you are missed and will never be forgotten.
    We’ve been on a long blogging break and have just checked in to see that much has changed in your family. Ours too. Hope everyone is safe and well. I somehow can’t leave a comment with my blogger login as some years ago I tried to create a word press site that I could never figure out. Since you are word press, it wants me to go to that & its long forgotten. Warm wishes from your friends at The Rose Jugglers


    1. Charlee: “Hello Miss Lizzy! Good to hear from you!”
      Chaplin: “Dennis used to talk to us about his blog friends and he definitely remembered The Rose Jugglers!”
      Lulu: “Thank you for stopping by to say hello! We will be coming around to find out what you have been up to while you were gone!”


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