Angel Trixie

Trixie was a chow-shepherd-whatever mix. We got her as a foster dog from the humane society and never gave her back. She had fear and trust issues at first, but she got over that and was known by all to be a Good Dog. But she still had great big teeth and a great big bark, which worked very well for scaring away traveling solicitors and evil perpetrators.

Trixie was the dominant dog in the house, and wasn’t shy about letting Tucker and Dennis know it. She subscribed to Belloq’s philosophy vis-a-vis Indiana Jones: “Again we see there is nothing you can possess which I cannot take away.”  But she was the Best Alpha Dog Ever, and always used her position judiciously.

The last five months of her sixteen-and-a-half-year life, Trixie lived with an aggressive adrenal tumor and an intestinal sarcoma.  Rather than put her through major surgery to remove the cancers, we gave her a daily broth of essiac tea and kept her comfortable with pain medications and ice cream.  When it became obvious in her last few days that she was suffering from nausea and weakness and could no longer enjoy sitting on the patio to stare at the squirrels on the hillside, we knew it was time.  She was helped over the Rainbow Bridge by her kindly veterinarian on December 6th, 2015, rejoining her brother Tucker and her sisters Trouble and Pooh Bear who had gone before her.

15 thoughts on “Angel Trixie

  1. Trixie is by far the beauty of the dog family, and now to know she is also TOP dog of the pack, just warms my heart!

    Stella, also a rescue


  2. She’s beautiful! You have a much larger pack than I knew – Trixie sounds like a woman who is very sure of herself hehee!
    xo Sammie


  3. Trixie’s such a pretty gal! So glad you couldn’t give her back. We ended up with one of our cats that way – like so many others! Trixie reminds me of my Leah, a Dobe-Shep-Akita??? mix – and also the boss dog of our own trio.


  4. Precious Trixie! You gave her the best life ever! She & Dennis & Tucker were The Three Amigoes…maybe even Stooges! I miss them all a lot. Thank you for sharing your lovely Canines with the world…..they made my world a better place!!
    (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen & ‘angel’ Purrince Siddhartha Henry & BellaDharma too


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