Angel Trouble

Trouble was a domestic shorthair.  She was born in 1991. I picked her out at the pound because when she saw me, she climbed up the wire front of her cage, then started reaching her arms through the holes, begging me to pick her up. Little did I know that this was the most athletic thing she would ever do.

Thanks to Alasandra for making this graphic for Trouble.

Trouble peacefully went to sleep July 20, 2011, after a long, slow decline.  She was purring until the very end.

Trouble the Kitty: 1991 – 2011

20 thoughts on “Angel Trouble

  1. Had to come and see Trouble after you said she shares expressions with Momma Gray. I have to agree. So glad you got her out of the pound. Sounds like she picked you, kind of like Claus picked her new family from her cage in the shelter.
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