Angel Tucker

Tucker was a male vizsla born October 31, 1998. We had him since he was seven weeks old. Tucker’s favorite things were fleecy toys and laps, especially when they were together.

Tucker went to the Rainbow Bridge on January 22, 2014, at the ripe old age of fifteen years, two and a half months.

27 thoughts on “Angel Tucker

  1. I knew a dog named Tucker once. He was part viszla and eerily smart. We had great romps together. He used to talk to you — not bark, whine or growl, but — well, ya had to hear it.

    I hope your Tucker’s health is improving. He looks like a real sweetheart.


  2. Awwww. Not Tucker. Hope he gets better.Keep us posted. Seems lately that when one of your pets gets better, another one starts to feel puney (however you spell it). Looks like Trouble got over her episode when you thought she might have had a stroke. That’s the time you put her in your kitty ER.

    Jim says: Thanks. Tucker’s most worrisome symptom right now, aside from the general lack of energy (which is somewhat improved), is that he “spaces out” and then starts twitching. Nobody is quite sure what it is. The vet and chiropractor have both seen good examples of it, though the neurologist has not. Nobody has labeled it epilepsy yet although that is on our minds.

    Trouble seems to just get constipated from time to time, so we’ve laid in a supply of Lactulose to treat her prophylactically a few times a week. So far she is doing well, although she hates the Lactulose …


  3. Tucker,

    You have a great family and Dennis is endless amounts of entertainment. But you – you have the bestest birfday! We gray faces need to stick together.

    Love JaegerBaby
    August 31, 1997


  4. Oh… I love the picture of your Tucker, opening up the present!! We have a ton of pics of our beloved Tucker, opening up gifts!! He loved doing that… at Christmas, he opened his gifts (and ours) and at his birthday, sometimes Halloween too! Great pics…. great website!



  5. James, in a feverish google search to try and figure out these muscle issues our Vizsla – Mason Dixon has, we ran across your You Tube videos and postings of Tucker’s muscle spams disorder. Can you please offer more information to us. Our Mason is only 3 and has just started with this issue. Looks almost identical to Tucker, but only when he is sleeping, or relaxing to fall asleep for the night. Any words of wisdom as more than appreciated, as everyone who is lucky enough to have a Vizsla in their life knows…. we want to do everything possible to help him and make sure we keep him Happy and Comfortable. Without him, we wouldn’t be so happy!

    Thanks!!! Appreciate any input you can offer.



  6. Hi James,
    Did the neurologist ever fingure out what was wrong with Tucker, out V is a year old and just started doing this. 😦



    1. I’m afraid not. It’s remained a mystery to this day. I will have to do a post of the management regime he’s on now, which has helped to keep him comfortable, though his symptoms have never gone away.


  7. I am so sadden to hear of Tucker’s passing. What joy he gave, not just to your family but all of those who have followed his adventures throughout the years. .


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