me vs the room wot moovs the reetern!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay if yoo ar a long time reeder yoo may reemember that menny yeerz ago at the bilding ware the dog kiropraktor is i did battel with wun of my most formidabul foes the room wot moovs!!! i fawt it wunse and then i fawt it twice and then i fawt it three times and then i deeklayrd viktoree and went home!!! or posibly mor akyooratly tucker and trixie startid going to the dog kiropraktor withowt me and then of korse tucker went away and trixie went away and then nobuddy went to the dog kiropraktor for a fyoo yeerz however with my owtcheosarkoma and my funny wawking it seems maybe my spine has gotten a bit owt of wack and as they say wack is crack or ummm sumthing like that ennyway long storry short i hav mayd my verry own vizzit to the dog kiropraktor and yoo no wot that meens i had to fayse the room wot mooovs all by myself chek it owt!!!

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roomers wot trixie and saya went to the kiropraktor withowt me ar also totaly eksadjerayted!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel last week i had to adress roomers wot trixie and saya had gawn to the harbor withowt me and now this week their is anuther skurrilus roomer wot they went to see the kiropraktor withowt me!!! reedikyoolus yes reedikyoolus i say!!!


Stroller Parking

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to the kiroprakter!!! and the room wot moovs!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel in addishun to his toe ishyooz tucker kontinyooz to reeseev his other hunnerd and seventeen treetments wot keep him spry and mobile inklooding his regyoolarly skedjoold visits to the kiropraktor home of the infamus room wot moovs!!! it has ben a wile sinse we chekd in on the room wot moovs i wunder wot it is up to theez days lets find owt!!!

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