roomers wot saya and trixie went to the horse rantch withowt me ar beeing investigayted!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel as i menshund last week i hav prepayred a drone to follow trixie and saya wen they go owt withowt me and my littel frend the mowse has jenerusly agreed to pilot it!!! now we wil see wot is reely going on owt their!!! and to mayk shoor that we do this rite i hav gawn owt and gottin sum for reel aviayshun eksperts chek it owt!!!


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In Space No One Can Hear You Scream

Having accidentally missed the launch of our own shuttle, it had seemed as if there was no chance we would be able to save the earth from the giant asteroid on a collision course; but, at the last moment and at great expense, we were able to procure a replacement ship, the Orca, piloted by my old friend Quint’s brother, Quad. The earth now has a second chance, and we must make the most of it!

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Walkies The Line

My attempt to restore some dignity to the Romans has failed, as the emperor himself emerged to take away my stuffie and put a stop to my efforts to get a nice game of fetch going.  It looks as if I will not get the chance to chase the Chuckit ball, or even go for a nice walk. Or will I?


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Due to a malfunction in the Doghouse of Justice, I have found myself in ancient Rome, unwitting thrust into the role of gladiator. Now I must entertain the crowd and stay alive long enough to escape and return to the present time, while, in the meantime, I instigate a slave revolt.  In other words, it’s just another typical day in the office.


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Despite taking special care to set the controls of the Doghouse of Justice properly this time, I find myself watching helplessly as the years spin backward, ignoring my efforts to manually override them.  I have begun to suspect that this Doghouse of Justice, which, as you may recall, I found abandoned on Planet Petco, may in fact be defective.  Perhaps that is why it was sitting in the clearance section while Planet Petco was overrun by Kongleks.  In any case, I can only hang on for the ride as I am taken through space and time and deposited in the land of mayhem and intrigue known as the Roman Empire.


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