Time And Restaurant Dimensions In Space

Lulu: “I thought you said we wouldn’t get kicked out of restaurants if we wore yellow hats.”
Alternate Spicoli: “I did say that, guv! But I didn’t say we wouldn’t get kicked out if your cat climbed on the decor.”
Java Bean: “This table looks like a giant marrow bone …”

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Well Hello Mr. Fancypants

Alternate Charlee: “Why are you extra dogs and extra Chaplin still here? Shouldn’t you get back in your Hog House of Just Us and leave now that you know there’s no bacon here?”
Chaplin: “Do we know there’s no bacon, though? Nobody ever said for sure.”
Lulu: “It’s the ‘Doghouse of Justice’ not the ‘Hog House of Just Us’.”
Java Bean: “I kind of like Alternate Charlee’s name for it. ¡La casa de cerdos de solo nosotros!”
Lulu: “Okay, that does sound like a pretty fancy restaurant, but it’s way too long to say it all the time.”
Alternate Chaplin: “Mama always says I am a handsome kitty but now that I’ve seen myself I think ‘handsome’ is an understatement.”
Alternate Java Bean: “Come on, Lulu, let’s see if Alternate Lulu and Alternate Bean want to chase us around the yard.”
Alternate Lulu: “Are they the alternates or are we the alternates?”

Alternate Spicoli: “Cheerio! Did someone say ‘fancy restaurant’? Are we all going out to dinner to celebrate meeting alternate selves? I know just the place!”
Alternate Charlee: “I’m not celebrating anything. Two Chaplins just means twice as many cats trying to annoy me into getting off my spot on top of the fireplace.”
Alternate Chaplin: “You do that too, huh?”
Chaplin: “Some things are constant across dimensions.”

Lulu: “I mean, dinner sounds good, but they don’t allow dogs in fancy restaurants.”
Alternate Spicoli: “Crikey! Is that the rule in your dimension? No wonder you left! It’s permitted here, you just need the proper accessories! Hang about and I’ll fetch you some!”

Java Bean: “I can’t figure out if your version of Spicoli is British or Australian or what.”
Alternate Charlee: “Neither can we.”

Extraordinary Claims …

Mouse: “All right, so, you claim that you three versions of Lulu, Chaplin, and Bean are from an alternate dimension?”
Lulu: “That’s correct.”

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Are You A … ?

Java Bean: “Lulu looks worried. Does that mean I should be worried?”
Chaplin: “Not at all. This giant stuffie is offering me an acorn, so clearly it considers me to be some kind of god.”

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