The Cone Zone

Ambulance Chaser Smurf: “So you smurf it was your Mama who smurfed you in that neck brace?”
Java Bean: “Yes, because I wouldn’t stop licking my foot.”
Mouse: “You’re not really going to sue your Mama, are you, Bean?”
Java Bean: “I’m not really sure what suing Mama even means. I just thought it sounded fun to chase ambulances.”
Producer Smurf: “We’re not actually going to smurf after ambulances, Bean. You shouldn’t smurf everything so literally.”

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Better Call Small

Java Bean: “So the person who put me in this neck brace should have to give me green papers?”
Ambulance Chaser Smurf: “That’s correct. We will smurf them for all they’re worth and then some!”
Producer Smurf: “You smurf ’em, Ambulance Chaser Smurf!”

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Black Bean Thoughts

Dada’s Note: Bean’s foot is feeling better and he’s no longer wearing the neck brace or cone. But that doesn’t mean we’re not going to milk it for all it’s worth.

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