its the sunday awards and meem show hipster kitties edishun!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay gess wot??? my old frend sharkbytes hoo wuz the mama of my old frend maggie the vizsla hoo lukd like my old brother tucker the vizsla has given me a liebster award!!!


and yoo no wot an award meens an award meens its time for a sunday awards and meem show!!! chek it owt!!!

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The Great Debate (Prep)


Producer Smurf: “All right, pretend candidates! I am now going to smurf you a selection of questions chosen from those smurfed by the public to the web site presidentialopenquestions.comIs everybody ready?”
Dennis: “Why does my mic say ‘Fisher-Price’ on it?”
Paula: “I’ll take ‘Potpourri’ for $1000, Alex.”
Simon: “Paula, that is not Alex Trebek, and this is not ‘Jeopardy’.”
Paula: “Are you sure this isn’t ‘Jeopardy’? Have you seen who’s running for President?”
Simon: “Fair enough. But for the love of all that’s holy, please, start at the top of the category and work your way down.”

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tag troubles it

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog my gud frend amanda (the zoes mom wun not the noo york wun) tagd me (but not in a graffiti way) to anser sum kweschuns starting with wot i wuz doing ten yeerz ago sinse i wuz not born ten yeerz ago i kondukted an informul pole of my fello pets and the only wun hoo wuz arownd ten yeerz ago wuz trouble the kitty and beleev it or not she agreed to answer theez kweschuns so heer goze

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