if yoo ar tucker yoo ar now free to breethe freely!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay tuckers followup xrays ar in and they hav reeveeld that his lungs ar now kleer of aspirayted flooid!!! he wil remayn on antibiotiks for anuther munth as a prekawshun but it luks like he has pulld off yet another amayzing rekuveree!!! dada sez tucker has more lives then a cat witch is just crazy tawk sinse trouble got to be twenny and tucker is stil a fyoo munths shy of fifteen but stil he is haynging in their!!! thank yoo evrywun for sending the power of the paw the purr the whee the whisker and the tail wag and thanks to the nice vetnameez peepul at kalifornya vetnameez speshalists wot helpd pull tucker thru!!! ok bye

Tucker Tuesday: TV Time

"Doctor Who, AGAIN?"
Doctor Who AGAIN?”

Tucker continues to recover from his aspiration pneumonia. His energy level remains very low but is slowly increasing. He still had some fluid in his lungs at his last checkup, but the vet decided follow-up X-rays were not needed yet. He will be on Baytril for most likely at least another month. Tucker would like to thank everyone for all the well-wishes, purrs, and tail wags!

seekret kitty ekspeeriment lab!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel my investigayshun into the misteeryus treetment trouble has ben gitting kontinyooz most reesently i hav diskoverd that trouble is beeing tayken to a seekret undisklozed fasility aka the bathrum and having stuf dun to her wile we dogs are lokd owt frum all the fun of watching her git tortcherd check it owt!!!

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dont be sutch a pil!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel the mistry of wot is going on with trouble the kitty has only deepend as mama and dada hav ben ganging up on her and mayking her tayk a pil chek it owt!!!

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report from the vetnameez playse

hello nice reederz ts dennis the vizsla dog wel i am bak from the vetnameez playse and shelley wuz rite their were no noodel-relayted misunderstandings this time the vetnameez lady told mama that the punkcher on my chest luks shallow but punkchers ar yoozhually deeper then they appeer and that bakteerya frum the uther dogs mowth wood be trappd inside i am not shoor wot bakteerya ar but i beleev they ar mithical verry small insekts with hundreds of legs and green antenas and sunglasses and sellular fones ennyway they gave mama sum stuff calld keflex to help kill the bakteria so i shood be fine also i hav herd that hyoomans get sumthing calld tetnus from punkchers but dogs dont so i dont need a tetnus shot i hav also herd that dada regyoolerly needs to get tetnus shots becuz he is not verry careful arownd sharp objects so i bet he wishes he wuz a dog ha ha ok bye

Get Out Of My Face

Since we’ve been giving Trouble clavamox for her tooth extractions, she’s taken to sleeping in her box instead of her cat cup, perhaps thinking that we (a) won’t be able to find her or (b) won’t be able to give her the antibiotics when she’s in there. It doesn’t work, of course; nothing deters my wife from torturing my kitty — umm, I mean, administering medication as directed!*

“Can’t a girl hide in her box without having someone lift the door and shove an eyedropper down her throat?”

*Always, always, always finish your course of antibiotics!