i didnt do it

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog wel last nite wen mama and dada came home from the fred astaire stoodyo dada brawt in this shoe:

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Branching Out

So yesterday I found out that the studio where we’ve been taking ballroom lessons for the last six years is switching from Arthur Murray to Fred Astaire, which has more franchise opportunities in California.  Not only that, but they’re going to be opening a new branch studio here in our city within the next month or two!  What does this mean?

  • We’ll only have to drive four miles to get to the studio, instead of 45
  • $500/year savings on gas!!!!
  • Less crate time for Dennis on lesson nights
  • We might actually go to the weeknight events, group classes, and dances (which are currently known to our instructors as “things we don’t tell you about because we know you’ll say no”)
  • A new curriculum (we get to pick up where we currently are rather than having to start over again)
  • A new instructor, although he’s one we’ve worked with before and really like
  • Evening classes will include free views of the sunset over the Pacific Ocean

Okay, so this is very thinly dog-related, but we’re still very excited about being able to cut out that big drive every week.  And Dennis is too!