Arachnids in the Kitchen

Lulu: “Listen, I appreciate that you’re probably not going to eat most of us, but I do have to ask you to take your hibachi outside.”
Huntsman Spider: “But why, mate? I’m cooking in the kitchen. The kitchen is where cooking is done, right? That’s how we do it Down Under, anyway.”
Lulu: “Yes that’s true, but not when you’re cooking with charcoal and making all kinds of smoke.”

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Huntsman’s Barbecue

Huntsman Spider: “Crikey, look at you all squeezed round the table! Super eager to tuck into some barbecued butterflies and moths eh?”
Blue: “I think they’re all worried that you’re going to bite them.”

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Charlee: “This area is weirdly free of moths and butterflies.”
Chaplin: “Yeah, it’s a little bit spooky.”
Mouse: “All right, who left their little hibachi unattended? Was it you, Producer Smurf? It’s about the right size.”
Producer Smurf: “Of course it wasn’t me! What would I smurf with a hibachi? I subsist on fruit and nuts and lichens! And also microwave burritos.”
Vermin: “HISSS! Phew, that smoke smells terrible! It’s the most awful stuff I’ve ever inhaled!”
Spicoli: “Dudes are a bunch of pikers.”
Lulu: “Yeah, it is pretty bad. Hey maybe we can dump it out on the floor so I can roll around in the ashes once it cools off?”

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Butterfly Board Room

Lulu: “I suppose you’re all wondering why I called you here—”
Vermin: “HISSS! No we are not! It’s because of all the nasty moths and butterflies!”
Spicoli: “Oh, all of you dudes can see them too? Whew, that’s a relief!”

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Wing Stop

Lulu: “Say, I couldn’t help but notice that the house is full of moths and butterflies.”
Charlee: “Yeah, isn’t it great?”
Chaplin: “No matter how many you jump at and catch, there are still more!”

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Put a Sausage on the Barbie

Trixie: “So you two cats claim that you live here in the future, and that you grew up with Dennis?”
Chaplin: “Yes, that’s right.”
Trixie: “And you further claim that you traveled back in time in the Doghouse of Justice to collect toots from Tucker because you think you can get rich selling them on the Internet?”
Chaplin: “That’s also right.”
Tucker: “Hmmm …”

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The Pork Chop Express

Mr. Nibbles: “All right, so I think we’ve arrived at a solution that everyone can live with. First, Lo Pan will go stand by the cat tree so the Hipsters can jump from his head to the tree without any loss of altitude.”
Charlee: “Agreed.”

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