Tucker Tuesday: Sometimes When We Chux


For several weeks after returning home after being hospitalized for aspiration pneumonia, Tucker was suffering from a moderate level of diarrhea, then a general loss of, um, sphincter control. For now, protective pads have become ubiquitous everywhere he likes to lie down for a while. Dennis appears to think that these pads are intended for mat work.

Tucker continues to improve and his appetite has largely returned, although he still has some fluid in his lungs. (We’ve been performing “coupage” therapy for him to help him bring it up. There will be video!) He had a recheck yesterday that went well, with no further X-Rays ordered. Thank you to everyone for all the purrs, tail wags, and good wishes for the little old man!

Tucker Tuesday: Kiss & Make It Better

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay my brother tucker the other vizsla dog has gawn in for an end … endosc … wel ennyway they ar yoozing a kamra to try to figger owt wot is rong with him heer is me giving him sum gud luck kisses over the weekend wich unfortchoonatly did not sukseed in averting the kamra proseedjoor ennyway we ar al hoping he wil be feeling better soon!!! ok bye