theem thursday hats and clip show!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel as yoo hav probly noted i do not yoozhually partayk of theem thursday however my noo frend shakira of justmeshakira let me no that this weeks theem wuz hats and wel hats!!! yoo no me and hats!!! so i wood like to preezent a retrospektiv of me and my hats thru the last kuple of yeerz!!! most of theez ar frum my satterday matinay eevents so i hav inklooded konveenyent links to them for those hoo may hav missd them!!!

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My Big Fat V Wedding

With the unexpected return of that guy, Beetlemeyer, it seems that I now have to live up to my side of the bargain and convince Trixie to marry him. It will not be easy; Beetlemeyer smells funny, he appears to carry no treats, and he looks like the Joker. This could well be my greatest challenge yet …

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The Love Pup

After my audacious escape from the ghost containment grid in which I was wrongly imprisoned, I have resumed my duties at the university. Unfortunately, my office was heavily damaged when the Ghostbusters crossed the streams, so I have moved into temporary quarters in the Department of Automotive Studies. Here they are working on a project to create a car with an artificial intelligence, one that can, they say, almost drive itself. It sounds like the stuff of science fiction to me, but I will do what I can to help them; I love riding in the car, and one that drives itself would never get tired of ferrying me around town or to the dog park. They even have a prototype, and the prototype has a name: Herbie.

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After the botched raid on my office by the Ghostbusters, stemming from a severe case of mistaken identity, I have inadvertently found myself locked in their containment grid with all sorts of ghosts, ghouls, demons, and worst of all, the relentlessly annoying Bugs Bunny.  I am not truly an ectoplasmic being, and this prison was never meant to hold the likes of me; so I am sure I will be able to escape.  I just need to come up with the proper plan …

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