we interrupt wurdless wensday to bring yoo the ballistic times!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay i no yoo ar probly ekspekting wun of those wurdless wensday posts wot seem to always feetcher my brother tucker the other vizsla dog however insted today i wood like to annownse that my flyball teem the ballistic racers now has there verry own blog at ballisticracers.wordpress.com!!!  this blog is mostly beeing run by my mama with okayzhunal by wich i meen freekwent teknikal assistense frum my dada i jenerusly offerd to help mama with her speling grammer and punkchooayshun all of wich is atroshus but she declined hmph gud luk gitting ennywun to figger owt wot yoo ar trying to say!!!

ennyway if yoo hav ever wanted to no more abowt flyball or the ballistic racers or my mama for instanse wot her reel naym is pleez go visit the noo blog and leev a comment to say hello i no mama wood appresheeayt it!!!  thank yoo nice reederz!!!!  ok bye

The Adventure of Why Tucker is Better than Dennis

Hello good readers, this is Tucker the dog.  Some of you may have noticed recent changes around here and come to the conclusion that I have somehow stolen control of the blog from my brother Dennis, but nothing could be further from the truth.  In fact, Dennis asked me to take over from him because he finally realized that he is young and silly, while I am older and wiser, not to mention better.  Still unconvinced?  Let’s look at the facts. Come, Trixie! The game is afoot!

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