im so brayv i probly think this post is abowt me!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel on fryday i had my dentals wurkd on by perry o’dontal the irishman!!! i herd them telling mama and dada they had to pull wun tooth at the bak wot had its pulp expozed and they pulld another tooth wot wuz neer my absess but they left the other tooth in playse thinking it can be sayvd!!!  yeah sayve toofeez!!!


the vetnameez peepul tuk verry gud kayr of me and treeted me ekstra speshul on akkownt of my hart and i wuz verry verry brayv abowt the hole thing!!! i kan proov it i hav a sertifikat chek it owt!!!

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me vs the room wot duznt hav enny karpeting

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel as i am shoor most of yoo ar aware their ar too akseptabul forms of flooring their is karpeting and their is tile altho of korse this duznt apply to owtside ware yoo hav all sorts of difrent flooring like grass and seement and payvment and sand and dirt and pine cones and leevs and pine needels and more grass but i digress ennyway on a reesent visit to my mamas skool i wuz horrified to diskuver that sum rooms do not hav eether tile or karpet but sum other substanse wot appeerz to be old bowling alley floors chek it owt!!!

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