The Purloined Breakfast

Hello good readers, this is Tucker the Vizsla. Recently, scurrilous notes have appeared, anonymously of course, suggesting that I stole Dennis’s breakfast. But does this claim really hold up under scrutiny? Let’s examine the facts. Come, Trixie! The game’s afoot!

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dennis is my puppet

hello readers, this is tucker the canadian vizsla. i have a tip that might help you get more sleep in the morning while you’re waiting for breakfast. see, it used to be that when mommy was getting breakfast for us dogs, i would whine and carry on and bark and get underfoot and generally make a pest of myself. this doesn’t get me breakfast any faster but it makes sure mommy knows i’m really, really, really hungry. dennis watched me do this for a few weeks, and now he’s starting to do it himself. this means that i don’t have to pester mommy anymore; dennis does it for me, and i can sleep in, knowing that somebody is incessantly reminding mommy that we haven’t eaten yet. a perfect plan, isn’t it?

so if you have somebody who’s slow getting your breakfast in the morning, don’t pester them yourself; find a stooge to do it for you, and get yourself an extra fifteen minutes of snoozing. being a criminal mastermind is hard work and we need our sleep.