Christmas Break

Charlee: “The most bizarre aspect of this is Spicoli being right all along about Bumble being Producer Smurf.”
Producer Smurf: “Well I hope you’re happy! You’ve ruined everything! This was going to be the most smurfy prison break/Christmas movie mashup ever and instead all I have is a deflated Bumble balloon that I can’t even smurf back to Costco!”
Mouse: “Let me guess. You thought of the name ‘Christmas Break’ for your movie and worked backwards from there to come up with a plot.”

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(N)ice Fishing

Charlee: “All right, so you catch more fish in your stockings while the mouse and I go find the dogs. Got it?”
Mouse: “This seems like an awfully inconvenient way to get fish. You know your Dada can just buy it at the grocery store, right?”
Charlee: “Can buy it, yes. Will buy it, no.”

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Bounce Voyage

Mouse: “I wasn’t really expecting your big, uh, friend to come along.”
Charlee: “He needs to refill his stockings with fresh North Pole fish.”
Mouse: “Oh, is that what he said?”
Charlee: “No, that’s what I said.”

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Bumble Fish

Chaplin: “Check it out, Charlee. Maybe you and this monster can bond over your shared shoe fetish.”
Spicoli: “You can like shoes if you want to, dude. To each his or her own, etc.”
Mouse: “Leaving aside who does or does not enjoy putting her face into shoes, how did you all manage to miss an abominable snowman sneaking into the house?”

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Your Biggest Fan

Mouse: “Why are you all sitting around in stale gingerbread smoke? And who’s your friend?”
Spicoli: “‘Who’s your friend?’ Dude, is that a rhetorical question like ‘Who’s your daddy?'”
Mouse: “No, no it isn’t. Hang on while I get the remote for the ceiling fan, okay?”

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Vapor Tale

Charlee: “Should we really be sitting in all this vapor or whatever it is?”
Spicoli: “Sure. Why wouldn’t you? I sit in vapor all the time.”
Charlee: “What if it’s bad for us?”
Spicoli: “What if what’s bad for you?”
Charlee (long pause): “Sitting in all this vapor.”
Spicoli: “Why wouldn’t you sit in vapor? I do it all the time.”

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The Santopticon

Art Deco: “You dogs are taking this whole imprisonment thing pretty calmly.”
Lulu: “Well we’ve been in dungeons before. Most of them don’t have fleecy blankets like this one does.”

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Test Your Smoke Detector

Chaplin: “We don’t really know what happened. There was a guy who looked like Santa, but dressed all in blue instead of red. He arrested this gnome who looked like Substitute Charlee.”
Charlee: “There is no substitute for the real Charlee. FYI.”
Spicoli: “Dressed all in blue? Hmm …”

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The Polar Express

Officer Nick: “Come along, now, Arthur. Let’s get these lawn ornaments back where they belong, then we’ll go have a word with Santa.”
Java Bean: “Wait, aren’t you Santa?”
Officer Nick: “Now, do I look like Santa? Do I talk like Santa? Ho ho ho!”
Lulu: “Yes, yes you do. And you just said ‘Ho ho ho’ for like the fifth time.”

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