Trixie Thursday: Some Good News, Some No News

hello gentle readers. this is the beautiful trixie with an update on my condition. but first let me thank you all for your kind words and concern. here’s a nice old picture of me with my pretty face on for everyone.

me a long time ago
me a long time ago

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a memoryal for a frend

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog wel this weekend we went to a memoryal serviss for mamas teemmayt lori hoo yoozd to run the beerded kollee harlow on my flyball teem the ballistic raysers lori wuz always verry nice to me and lukd owt for me wen i wuz noo by telling the other dogs not to get rite in my fayse and helping me git yoozd to beeing arownd so mutch aktivity i wil miss her!!!

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wot duz inkonkloosiv meen?

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog wel i hav herd that the sytolojy on my warts has come bak inkonkloosiv wich is a big wurd wot i had to luk up in the dikshunerry and it turns owt that it meens the sytolojist cant tel wot my warts ar they cud be histiosytomas or they cud be inflaymd sebayshus glands or they cud be that “c” wurd that nobody wants to say howevr mama thinks they ar starting to go away on there own and they havnt been bleeding as much so the vetnameez persun sed it wuz okay to watch them for a fyoo weeks and see wot happens so ennyway i gess that wot this all meens is that mama payd sumbuddy lots of munny to say they dont no wot my warts reely ar wich i cud hav dun for free but oh wel mama is silly that way ok bye