Caturday Matinee: Catty Krueger

Dada’s Note: A while back Chaplin got some fur along his neck ripped out, presumably during a tussle with his sister. It became slightly inflamed so the vet gave us some antiseptic to put on it, and Chaplin briefly wore a little sweater to keep him from bothering the area of lost fur. (He’s fine now.)

Put This Thumb To The Test

Mouse: “All right, the first test of your thumb functionality will be opening this can of dog food.”
Lulu: “Come on, Blue! You can do it!”
Producer Smurf: “I smurf thumbs too, you know, and no one is smurfing all over me about it.”
Spicoli: “No you don’t, dude. You have four fingers that all look the same. Besides, you never let go of your megaphone or your little book.”

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No Corn, Except For The Corn

So my wife (used to) feed the dogs Canidae canned food, which is supposed to have all sorts of high-quality ingredients. Corn isn’t one of them. So what’s this big, hard, uncooked kernel of corn doing in there?


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