LEGO My Rescue

Lulu: (wagging tail)
Java Bean: “Bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark!”
Charlee: “Why are you barking? It’s probably the fire department.”
Java Bean: “Didn’t you learn anything from watchdog class?”
Charlee: “Yes, I learned not to let Spicoli get to the taco truck first.”

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(Don’t) Jump

Mouse: “Chaplin, why did you trap the Bean up on the fireplace?”
Chaplin: “I was hoping to get a break from him trying to play with me.”
Java Bean: “I think maybe I’ll just jump …”
Lulu: “Don’t jump! You’re not a cat!”

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It’s Capitalism!

Java Bean: “So what about the Canada goose stuffie or the little bee? Can we trade those for fish skins?”
Lulu: “No, those are things we’re allowed to have. If we try to trade them, Dada will just give them back to us.”

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wen life hands yoo lemons or emty kitty litter bags yoo mayk lemonayd!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel as i am shoor yoo ar all awayr my sister trouble the kitty went away a fyoo weeks ago thus interrupting my eksplorayshun of the misteeryus sivilizayshun off the koast of kalifornya having mayd my way bak to the maynland to attend her memoryal serviss and the reeding of the wil i am now attemting to finans a reeturn trip to the abandond iland of catalinatlantis!!! how am i dooing that yoo ask??? wel lets just say it is capitalizm at its finast!!!

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