Meet the Fosters

Say hello to “Sulu” and “Uhuru”, the foster kittens!  This is “Sulu”, the boy kitten, who can’t wait to get out of the carrier:

And “Uhuru”, the girl kitten, who looks both ways before crossing the street:

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Throwback (Trouble) Thursday: You’d Best Not Be Planning To Give Me A Bath

Video taken April 2009

* Dada’s Note:  When Trouble wasn’t feeling well, she would go to “The Kitty ICU”, AKA the tub in the hallway, where we could keep her comfortable and keep an eye on her.  In 2009, this was probably when she was having difficulty with a large hairball, which she eventually passed with the help of generous quantities of chicken-flavored Enulose.

Throwback (Thanksgiving) Thursday

Dada’s note: Many years ago, Trouble, Tucker, Trixie, and Dennis engaged in an extended battle with a turkey vulture who decided Trouble was a rabbit and wanted her for Thanksgiving dinner.  But of course, the whole situation was triggered by Tucker’s stomach.  Since then, the final episode of the battle has appeared once or twice as a Thanksgiving throwback, but here―for the first time ever!―is the entire saga, recapped in a single Throwback Thursday post.

I apologize in advance for the load times.

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