Trial of the Planet of the Stuffies

Still stranded on the bizarre planet of the stuffies, the rabbit and I now find ourselves being frog-marched from our dismal dungeon cell up to the stuffie courtroom, where a show trial awaits us.  But already I have begun making plans to escape …

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Beneath the Planet of the Stuffies

After being betrayed by my supposed ally, George the shirtless gun-toting nearsighted human, I have found myself dragged off to a dank dungeon cell deep beneath the planet of the stuffies. Here, I am told, I will await my fate, which will be decided by a judgment passed by the Elder Stuffies. If the behavior of the other stuffies is any indication, I cannot begin to hope for a fair hearing from these creatures. Meanwhile, their scientists are no doubt probing the technology of the Doghouse of Justice. I must escape before these horrible creatures learn how to use it and are unleashed upon an unsuspecting universe …

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Battle for the Planet of the Stuffies

After the malfunctioning Doghouse of Justice deposited me on this mysterious Planet of the Stuffies, the situation deteriorated rapidly. First I met the contact-lens-seeking, machine-gun happy George; then the Doghouse of Justice was captured by a scouting party of stuffies and taken back to their village.

Now I must get it back.


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Planet of the What Now?

Due to either a malfunction in the Doghouse of Justice’s guidance system or the unraveling of the space-time continuum, I have found myself not back at the university, but instead, stranded on some deserted beach. Under other circumstances I would simply return to the Doghouse of Justice and leave this forsaken place, but unfortunately it seems that coming here has drained its power supplies, leaving it immobile. I find myself stranded here with a strange, half-dressed, squinty-faced, heavily-armed fellow who seems to be suffering from some sort of paranoia. But is he paranoid? Or merely prudent? Soon enough, the answer will be revealed …

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