vizsla fest 08

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog today we went to fiesta iland in the mithical sitty of sandy eggo for a vizsla meetup (trixie came too even tho she is not a vizsla thats so us vizslas cud hav sumbuddy to luk down on) we had a lot of fun ther wer at leest ten other vizsla dogs their besides me and my brudder tucker the other vizsla dog sum wer small sum wer larj sum wer puppees and sum wer old men (*koff* tucker *koff*) ther wer a kuple of boy vizslas ther that havnt been to the vetnamese place for noodels yet and trixie was reel flirty with them i had no ideea my sister wuz such a trollop

i thawt i wood be able to run sirkles arownd tucker since he is so old and feebul and i hav so much enerjy now but insted he is still faster and mor manoovrable then me i gess he wuz having a gud day i think mama is giving him illisit performans enhansing drugz he duznt hav the endoorans ennymore but he still has the mooves i will hav to go to mor ajility classes and sumday i will be abel to beet him until then at leest i can always stay ahed of trixie ha ha ok bye

Greatest Hits

So Dennis and Trixie had a good chase around the back yard yesterday, with Tucker getting into the act a little. NOTE: Make sure you have the sound turned up for this one. There’s a big thud partway through that you have to hear to appreciate.

Whoa!!!! What happened there at 10 seconds? Let’s go to Johnny in the instant replay booth for the lowdown!

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