wot duz entrapmint meen???

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizlsa dog hay wel it luks like tucker is definitly feeling better theez days becuz luk wot he is up to:

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Dennis vs. The Elevator

So today we took Tucker to the veterinary chiropractor, because he’s been stiff and twitchy since his adventures at Fiesta Island last week.  (It turns out he had nearly luxated his patella, which can evidently require surgery to repair if a luxation actually occurs.  He won’t need surgery, although he’s definitely a little sore down there.  Tucker got his revenge on the chiropractor by farting right in her face while she was working on him.)

As per usual, Dennis came along for the ride, but this time he got more of a ride than he bargained for.

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snap krakel pop

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog thanx for asking abowt my brudder tucker on wensday i went with tucker and mama to see the kiropraktr she was verry nice and jentel tucker had some big twitches wile we were ther and the kiropraktr thawt they lookt like seezhurs ennyway she wurkt on tuckers back wich was lokt up prety gud aftr she was finishd mama thawt tucker was wawking bettr and he didnt have any mor big spasms the rest of the day

then on thersday i went with tucker and mama to see the nooroljist in sandy eggo the nooroljist was verry nice too but they had trubbel getting tucker to have twitches he only had littel wuns even after trotting arownd the sidewalk owtside wun of the other vetnamese peepel wanted to hold my leed while they exercised tucker but i didnt want them to and kept trying to get back to mama so they gave up when the nooroljist examined tucker they beet tucker with a mallet they sed it was to test his reflexs but i think they just like to wale on dogs it didnt seem to hert but i didnt want them bringing the mallet neer me so i hid behind mama and watched ovr her showlder wile they did it ennyway the nooroljist latr told the reguler vetnamese place that they wer stumpt go figger he did say tucker mite need more time to recuvr from his low thyroyd too becuz hes only been taking pills for a littel wile

its ben sevral days now and tucker has been dooing well no big spasms just littel wuns wile i was tiping this tucker just had a big spasm and almost fel ovr but its the first one ive seen since the kiropraktr so mama thinks maybe he needs more ajustments he is going back to the kiropraktr next week for another seshun we wil see how it goze maybe she can bend him into a pretzel ha ha
mama sez i hav to be more careful not to keep crashing into tucker wile i am charjing arownd like a loonatic but its hard to luk ware your going when your running at top speed chaysing a loopie tho i do manaj to avoyd running into trixie becuz she will lay the smakdown on me but tucker wont ennyway i will try not to run ovr him ennymore unless hes in my way of corse ok bye