Trixie Tuesday: A Year Goes By

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(Collar Tryout Pictures Taken June 19, 2010)

One year ago today was the end of a pretty bad week, when we had to say goodbye to our Beautiful Trixie. Trixie joined her brother Tucker and her kitty sisters Trouble and Pooh Bear over the Rainbow Bridge.

Trixie’s Resting Place In The Pet Memorial Cabinet

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fashion friday featuring the beautiful trixie doodles

hello gentle readers, this is trixie doodles. sorry to interrupt dennis’s lurid tales of mystery and adventure but i went shopping the other day and i want to show off my new clothes.

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Best … Tag … Ever

So while I was taking pictures of Tucker waiting for his mama to finish laying down his cheese trail, I got a closeup of his collar, prominently featuring his Boomerang tag.  Specifically, this is the Boomerang CollarTag, which is a sturdy stainless steel plate engraved with up to four or five lines of text, depending on the size of the tag.  They slip on to the collar and then pretty much stay put; they don’t jingle, they don’t hang from a little metal loop, and as far as I can tell they never wear out.  (This one is about six years old.)

Of course, if the dog loses his collar he loses his tag, but other than that these tags aren’t going anywhere.  In fact they’re pretty difficult to get off even when you’re trying to remove them.

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