Observed Around the Board Room

Mouse: “First, I’d like to thank everyone for coming to this in-service …”
Producer Smurf: “Why are you thanking us? The memo you smurfed out smurfed attendance was mandatory.”
Vermin: “HISSS! Why do I have to be at this stupid meeting? I was barely involved in all this nonsense!”

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Overheard Around the House

Chaplin: “What have you found out about the members of Garbage from watching their videos? Are they cats?”
Charlee: “Still not sure. They’re only happy when it rains, which is evidence against. But apparently they’re nocturnal thieves, which is evidence for.”
Chaplin: “So what’s your next move?”
Charlee: “I was thinking I would track them down in person and run some tests. Maybe I’ll try hissing at them or bouncing a toy on a string in front of them to see what they do.”

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roomers wot trixie and saya went and got yogurt withowt me ar starting to seem strayndjly kredibul!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel the roomers kontinyoo unabayted this time wurd on the street is that trixie and saya went to git yogurt withowt me!!! is it posibul that theez roomers cud be troo??? now i am never wun to subskribe to konspirasee theereez or krakpot stories but it seems to me that with all theez roomers flying arownd and trixie and sayas reepeeted disapeerenses that their may be sumthing heer wot i shud investigayt!!!


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