reepeet sunday the rat did it

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel i think this is the last weekend ware we wil hav owr howsgests i hav herd tawk abowt sootkayses and i hav seen pakkages beeing tayken owt to be mayld bak eest so now i hav to be ekstra vidjilant to mayk shoor owr visitters dont forgit to giv me treets!!! i meen that tucker duznt steel food frum them wen they ar not lukking!!! so heer is wun last reepeet frum way bak in the mithikal yeer too thowsand ate wen evrywun thawt my sister trouble the kitty had had a stroak altho it finaly ternd owt she was just veryy verry konstipayted!!! she rekuverd and went on to terrorize me and try to konker the wurld for another three and a haff yeerz until she went away to joyn her sister pooh bear over the rainbow bridj!!! ok bye

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Compound It!

I mentioned a while ago that we had laid in a supply of enulose for Trouble, who has been having difficulty with her, um, regularity the last few months.  This has caused her to get dehydrated a couple of times, resulting in days spent at the vet with a tube in her poor little arm, so we have been trying to treat her prophylactically by giving her a dose now and then before she gets too plugged up.  (We can tell when she is getting constipated because she goes in her litter box, cries for a little while, and exits without leaving a deposit.  When this happens, out comes the eyedropper.  Getting old ain’t pretty, even for a cat.)

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Constipated Kitty

So we still don’t have a definite on what’s causing Trouble to have her “senior moments” where she spaces out and lets the dogs sniff her, but the vet thinks she knows why the cat is walking funny: X-rays have revealed that Trouble is a bit, um, backed up, including with what looks like a large hairball. So she’s now on medication to take care of that. The first day, the meds seemed to make her more uncomfortable–she was meowing quite a lot–but today she’s purring again and eating a bit more food, and there are a couple of hard-looking deposits in the bank, if you know what I mean. (And you do.) No hairball yet though.

Maybe the rat was stealing oatmeal so she could brew up a nice bowl to help keep the kitty regular …