Lulu’s Life Tips: Managing Your Coworkers, Part 2

Hello friendlies! Lulu here with part two of my three part series on managing your coworkers! Now, as you may recall, last week I showed you how to get a slacking-off coworker to get up from their desk and play with you. You may also recall that I ran into a little snag where another coworker (also known as Mama) had set up a tripod and camera in the Designated Play Area A with the intention of using it for a video call. Technically this was my fault for failing to check the play area reservation calendar, which would have shown that time had been blocked out for the space to be used for a teleconference. In this sort of situation you have to be adaptable, and so it was off to Designated Play Area B.

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Lulu’s Life Tips: Managing Your Coworkers, Part 1

Hello friendlies! Lulu here, with the first in a three-part series about managing your coworkers! Now, if you’re like me, you may share an office with one or more people, and some of them may not be what we like to call “team players”. For instance, in the office where I work, nobody is a team player except for me.

Charlee: “Wait … Are you claiming that you have some sort of a … a job?”
Lulu: “Of course I have a job. I’m a dog. All dogs have jobs. Mine is to keep watch over the house.”
Chaplin: “But every time the doorbell rings, you’re right there wagging your tail. We’ve never seen you once woof at somebody at the door.”
Lulu: “Right. I keep watch for people who might be willing to give me a belly rub.”
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