There and Back Again

Java Bean: “That place was, uh, interesting, I guess.”
Lulu: “I can’t believe all the snow melted while we were fooling around in there.”
Blue: “I can’t believe we never found that stupid turkey. Now I’m even hungrier than when we started.”
Aragorn: “Is this even the same mountain we came up?”

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Axe And Ye Shall Receive

Aragorn: “Gimli! I found your axe! Those neighborhood children have it!”
Jack Torrance: “Oh that’s right, I loaned it to their dad the other day.”
Blue: “Maybe they’ll give you a belly rub if you ask them nicely.”
Lulu: “Belly rubs and axes don’t mix.”

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The Hotel Room of Horror

Lulu: “I’m not sure what’s most horrifying here, the carpet, the bedspread, or the upholstery.”
Blue: “Don’t forget the wallpaper.”
Java Bean: “I think it’s the ‘No Dogs On Furniture’ sign.”

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Yo, Vacancy

Aragorn: “Your new palace is very nice, Gimli. Perhaps not quite so spacious as Ered Luin or Kazad-dûm, but fewer balrogs, so there’s that.”
Jack Torrance: “Uh-huh. It’s got a nice ballroom, too.”

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