The Polar Express

Officer Nick: “Come along, now, Arthur. Let’s get these lawn ornaments back where they belong, then we’ll go have a word with Santa.”
Java Bean: “Wait, aren’t you Santa?”
Officer Nick: “Now, do I look like Santa? Do I talk like Santa? Ho ho ho!”
Lulu: “Yes, yes you do. And you just said ‘Ho ho ho’ for like the fifth time.”

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Ho Ho Ho Whodunit

Officer Nick: “Up to your old ‘Christmas Magic’ tricks again, eh, Arthur?”
Art Deco: “You got nothin’ on me, Officer Nick! Not one shred of evidence!”

Officer Nick: “I think I have a little bit of evidence. Ho ho ho.”
Art Deco: “It’s a fair cop.”

A Visit From Officer Nick

Chaplin: “I have to say, we’re pretty disappointed in the Christmas decorations you dogs picked out.”
Charlee: “Yeah, these are just a bunch of scary inflatable freaks. Where are the dangly ornaments we can bat around?”
Art Deco: “Dangly ornaments tend to be up high. That makes them difficult to, uh, acquire when you’re short.”
Java Bean: “Doesn’t Christmas magic help with that?”
Lulu: “There wasn’t any Christmas magic, remember? There was only dragging stuff around from other yards.”
Java Bean: “Oh, right.”

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The Decollection

Java Bean: “Has that gnome been back since I gave him that list of decorations I like?”
Lulu: “Not that I noticed, but I’ve been busy pretending to be going on a train ride.”
Java Bean: “Well that’s disappointing. It’s so hard to find good help these days.”

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That’s Quite A Rash You’ve Got There

Ron Burgundy: “… And in local news, officials have been investigating a rash of disappearing Christmas ornaments.”
Chaplin: “Ooh, a rash. Sounds itchy.”

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All Aboard The Santa Train

Art Deco: “So do you have an idea what kind of decorations you want?”
Java Bean: “Well the Santa train they have up the street is pretty cute. Can you make something like that appear?”

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