e for ekselent

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog i wood like to thank my frend behr rake for giving me this nice letter e it was luted from michael dells home at grate risk and ekspense to the teem of ninja hedjhogs involved they sufferd hevy losses eskaping with it from the mithical land of rownd rok texas and that is why the letter e for ekselens is so valyood by thoze who reseev it

the roolz for this letter e are that yoo must link bak to the nice reeder hoo gave it to yoo (dun) and yoo must giv it to ten more nice blogs that yoo reed otherwise the ninja hedjhogs may come in the nite and shred all the furnitcher in yore howse with there littel sords unforchunatly i am not shoor i no ten peepel hoo dont hav this letter e alreddy i will hav to luk and see hoo i can giv it to i no a kuple off the top of my hed so heer goze i will come bak and add more i am not shoor if evrywun likes to reseev and pass along the letter e so if not thats fine i still like your blogs ennyway ok bye

i wood like to give one letter e for ekselent to loki hoo barks a lot and hooze mama is deeling with him by herself wile his dada is on dep … depl … is oversees in the land of irak hope he comes bak soon ok

i wood like to give another letter e for ekselent to gina and tuffy tuffy is running for prezdent maybe ther mite be a pozishun for me in a tuffy administrashun im thinking secretery of meat

i wood also like to give a letter e for eskelent to amanda hoo takes reely neet pikchers of stuff and has a vizsla dog named zoe wich is the same name as tuckers vizsla mama altho its not the same dog or so im told

and lets not forget rio rocket hoo is also a vizsla dog in the mithical snowbound land of michigan hope spring comes soon rocket

goodbear is a good good bear hoo reminds me verry much of my sister trixie except for beeing a diffrent color and of korse a boy dog

and there is the wurlds cutest corgi checkers hay ther is a board game called checkers too i wunder if checkers the corgi nos how to play it

then theres buster b brown the sientific vizsla hooze dikshun is ekselent and hooze name is exponenshal

and the red girls in the mithical land of scotland they are across sumthing calld the pond i dont no what that meens ive seen the pond at the park and theres no red girls on the other side of it

there is swissy mouse hoo reskews dogs that are in even wurse shape than i wuz well dun swissy mouse most ekselent

and finally there is the urban mutt hoo i dont think is a mutt at all he shoor looks like a vizsla he livs in the mithical land of noo york wich is ware mama and dada clame to be from altho i notis they continyoo to liv heer in californya

hay luk thats ten i gess i no more peepel than i thawt ok bye