Pup In An Elevator


Mouse: “What are you doing in there, Lulu?”
Lulu: “I heard some funny noises from the ivy so I cam to check it out and I found this sign and an elevator.”

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me vs the room wot moovs the reetern!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay if yoo ar a long time reeder yoo may reemember that menny yeerz ago at the bilding ware the dog kiropraktor is i did battel with wun of my most formidabul foes the room wot moovs!!! i fawt it wunse and then i fawt it twice and then i fawt it three times and then i deeklayrd viktoree and went home!!! or posibly mor akyooratly tucker and trixie startid going to the dog kiropraktor withowt me and then of korse tucker went away and trixie went away and then nobuddy went to the dog kiropraktor for a fyoo yeerz however with my owtcheosarkoma and my funny wawking it seems maybe my spine has gotten a bit owt of wack and as they say wack is crack or ummm sumthing like that ennyway long storry short i hav mayd my verry own vizzit to the dog kiropraktor and yoo no wot that meens i had to fayse the room wot mooovs all by myself chek it owt!!!

we ar going to see doctor cheryl??? i luv doctor cheryl!!!

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me vs the room wot moovs the reevendj!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel the astoot nice reeder may remember that a fyoo yeerz ago i did battel with the room wot moovs at the bilding ware tucker goze to git his chi … chiro … wel ennyway that is ware he goze to git his bak wurkd!!! for those of yoo hoo do not remember it go chek it owt their ar menny pikchers and viddyos of the terror that wuz the room wot moovs!!! i wil wayt heer for yoo to git bak!!!

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me vs the room wot moovs!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay so sumtimes i go with tucker wen he has his dokterz appoyntments but the thing is the dokter is upstayrs and tucker is having a littel trouble with stayrs theez days on akkownt of he is old and so mama haz ben trying to entice me into the eevil room wot moovs chek it owt!!!

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The Great Meerkat Elevator

My graduate student Mutt and I are getting closer to our goal of finding the top secret hidden Kingdom of the Gophers. Unfortunately, the map we obtained led us to the Kingdom of the Meerkats instead; but as it turns out, there is no love lost between the gophers and the meerkats, and so the meerkats are more than happy to help us in our quest.

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Dennis vs. The Elevator

So today we took Tucker to the veterinary chiropractor, because he’s been stiff and twitchy since his adventures at Fiesta Island last week.  (It turns out he had nearly luxated his patella, which can evidently require surgery to repair if a luxation actually occurs.  He won’t need surgery, although he’s definitely a little sore down there.  Tucker got his revenge on the chiropractor by farting right in her face while she was working on him.)

As per usual, Dennis came along for the ride, but this time he got more of a ride than he bargained for.

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