happy maybe probly eleventeenth birthday to me!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel it is the twenny forth of julie agin and that meens it is a happy maybe probly eleventeenth birthday to me chek it owt!!!

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He’s No Angel

Just when it seemed as if we were about to find out way out of the labyrinth and get Ludo back to his band, the full extent of Jareth’s treachery was revealed.  He took the tickets Hoggle had obtained from his former employers at Travelocity and left with a retinue of goblins to become the new lead singer of Ludo’s band, while Ludo, Hoggle, Tucker, and I were imprisoned in the dank depths of the Goblin King’s dungeon.  When I became an archeologist, I never thought that I would end up entombed myself …

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