CSI: The Bubble Bath

Producer Smurf: “I fail to smurf how smurfing a long bubble bath is going to smurf any mysteries or, more importantly, smurf me any material I can smurf for my smurfumentary and my smurfcast.”
Lulu: “It’s a temporary safety measure. We can’t investigate during an artillery bombardment from the base.”
Horatio Caine: “Yeah, what the dog said. Also, you might consider taking a bath in the sink. You seem to be smoldering a little.”

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Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been A Member Of The Possumist Party?


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The Adventure of the Assassinated Pillow

Hello, good readers. This is Tucker the Vizsla. Recently I have been implicated in the destruction of a pillow based on evidence that is at best circumstantial and at worst, fabricated. Unlike my so-called brother, Dennis, who blames his misfortunes on vast conspiracies and absurd enemies, I intend to clear my name by investigation and deduction because, as Mama always says, I am the smart one. Come, Trixie! The game’s afoot!

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