Special Pickup

Chaplin: “This is ridiculous. There’s nothing in that safe that concerns the FBI.”
Agent McFold: “We’ll determine that at the Feline Bureau of Investigation headquarters, away from prying red panda eyes.”
Bob the Pyromaniac Builder: “Can’t I just blow it up out here?”
Agent McFold: “No, Bob. I called in special feline transport to pick it up.”

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The Paper Chase

Agent McFold: “Agent Inky, report.”
Agent Inky: “I searched the whole house, top to bottom. I found papers scattered everywhere on the floor in the office.”
Agent McFold: “Well, that sounds like everything is in good order then.”
Chaplin: “Of course it does. We’re professionals around here.”

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Search Pawty

Agent McFold: “All right, Agent Inky, you go search the house for mishandled documents and report back. Meanwhile, somebody fetch me one of those Tiki Cat pouches I’ve been hearing about.”
Agent Inky: “On it, boss!”

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Secret Agent Cats

Chaplin: “What’s going on? Did Mama and Dada adopt more cats without consulting me?”
Java Bean: “No, this is Agent McFold and his sidekick, Agent Inky.”
Agent Inky: “I’m not a sidekick! I’m a trainee!”

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we ar frum the guvernment and we ar heer to giv yoo munny!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay thanks evrywun for yore konsern abowt dada beeing to bizzy wurking to help me post my adventchers however i hav come up with a solooshun!!!  dada wurks becuz he needs munny to keep me in fud and toyz and owtfits and flyball and adjility oh and also to pay the mortgadj so if i can mayk lots of munny for him then dada wil not need to wurk anymore simple rite???  and yoo no wot that meenz it is time to tern to my old frends the afrikan bankers!!!  ummmm or in this kayse the fbi!!!

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desprit times call for desprit mezhures!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay as yoo may hav herd i hav ben unaybel to convinse ennywun that theez alien snayls ar a thret despite the eevil and insiddyus effekt they hav ben having on tucker and trixie chek it owt!!!

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