its a sunday awards and meem show reepeet of its the sunday awards and meem show maniacal killer edishun!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wile my dada is away heer is a reepeet of a sunday awards and meem show feetchering a selebritty gest hooz naym i did not git but hoo i think is john wayne!!! or maybe wayne gretzky i git konfyoozd!!! ok bye

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Throwback (Tucker) Thursday: Somebody Toss That Seal A Fish

Before Tucker lost his voice, he had a very distinctive bark. My father always said he sounded like a seal, and recently gave me a video he took in 2011 — possibly the last one in which you can hear Tucker talking — which proves the point. Tucker, here’s your fish. Note that all three dogs abandon Dada at the end to follow Mama into the house, thus illustrating how the humans rate around here.

fetch friday!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay yoo may hav seen sum viddyo of me sort of lying arownd wile a littel girl rolls my eerz up but wot yoo did not see is why i wuz so sleepy chek it owt!!!

thats rite there wuz lots of tugging and fetch playing going on before that!!! so despite how it may hav appeerd i wuz not just beeing lazy i had wurkd hard before that!!! and of korse theres nuthing like a gud rubdown after eksersizing!!!

and i got a multikolord laurel to ware too!!! i think that meenz i wun a gold medal in tugging and fetching!!! ha ha ok bye