The Maltese Crow — Part Four

After narrowly escaping assassination at the hands of Squinty McGrumpyson, I learned that this whole case was a sham — the cat who hired me to find the Maltese Crow had set me up as a patsy to be taken out by Squinty.  But why?  What was her angle?  I was about to find out, and it wasn’t going to be a pretty scene.

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The Maltese Crow – Part Three

My meeting with the cat was short and to the point.  Not a dull point, but a sharp point, like the ones at the ends of her claws.  She wanted to know where I was with finding the Maltese Crow, wanted to know why I hadn’t made more progress.  I told her about the car that tried to run me over and the guys at the DMV who wanted me to find the Maltese Crow for them; and then she dropped her bombshell.  She had heard that the notorious fence Squinty McGrumpyson, also known as Grumplestiltskin, also known as The Cranky Old Man, was back in town and looking to sell none other than the Maltese Crow.  He was at the train station, she said.  So I went there to meet him.  Little did I know what I would find once I got there …

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The Maltese Crow — Part Two

After nearly being run down in the street by a mysterious vehicle, I realized that there may be those who do not want to see my search for the Maltese Crow end in success. But I was left with a clue — the license plate of the car that tried to kill me. Now I must merely connect the plate to the owner, and a large piece of the mystery will fall into place. But first, I must venture into the most fearsome place I have yet visited: The Department of Motor Vehicles.

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The Maltese Crow

After finally escaping the bizarre world of the Labyrinth, I returned to my office at the university, expecting things to settle down while I got back into my routine of scholarship and education.  Little did I know how wrong I was …

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