The Spookiest Month Is About To Begin

Chaplin: “You’re overreacting. This is clearly one of Dennis’s old stuffies that he shredded.”
Charlee: “But where did it come from? How did it get here? Is it seeking revenge on Dennis? Will there be more of them?”
Chaplin: “Maybe one of the new dogs found it in the yard and brought it inside.”

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Poll Position


Mouse: “Are you all right, Dennis? You look a little flushed.”
Dennis: “I’m fine. It’s just the Kung Pao.”
Mouse: “I’m sure your mama will be thrilled to have all her clothes smelling like Chinese takeout.”
Dennis: “Ha ha ha! So am I!”

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Observed Around Trouble the Kitty’s Top Secret Totally Secure Underground Laboratory


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Only Six?

Now that I have cleverly dealt with that ghost who wanted to marry my sister Trixie, I am able to once again resume my duties around the university. My office is still being rebuilt after the Ghostbusters incident, and I am told that the Department of Automotive Studies needs my temporary office space back, so I have been moved yet again, this time to the Department of Parapsychology. Ironically enough, this is where they study, among other things, ghosts.

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While I wait for the Ghostbusters to arrive and deal with the entity haunting my office, I retreat to a corner of the lounge and attempt to console myself by destroying a stuffie or two. I have dealt with Kongleks and giant robots, many-armed monsters and hostile aliens, but ghosts freak me out. As far as I am concerned, the Ghostbusters cannot get here soon enough!

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